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WhatsApp doubles group participants limit

WhatsApp group limit

WhatsApp group limitWhile some of us still coming to terms with the fact that WhatsApp has started telling you who is quick to read your messages and who isn’t, the IM platform has made another update to its service.

This time its all about group messaging. The limit of participants in groups has been doubled from 50 to 100. The update currently applies to the latest versions of the application only.

Previously only users of moded versions like WhatsApp Plus had the privilege of adding more than 50 participants to any group created.

But who needs to have a group with 100 people anyway? Well, the adjustment will be welcomed by individuals and companies that have relied on the WhatsApp group function to create communities around their brands or product.

This practice has helped enterprises to send out information and keep in touch with a sizable number of people who are willing to be co-opted into these groups. These groups are sometimes used as virtual marketing sites, something that has resulted in some “enterprising” people adding people to groups that they then use to advertise their products.

Thanks to its huge popularity which is a consequence of its cost-effectiveness and simplicity, WhatsApp is considered by most enterprises as an easy way to send out communication from existing clients and get feedback. The ability to have more people on each group just means a wider pool for that.

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  1. Theses groups sucks esp now with 100 people in them. If everyone responds to a msg in a minute, its 99 msgs!

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