Zimbabweans to teach each other programming in Hour of Code

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Developers at a tech event in Zimbabwe
Developers at a tech event in Zimbabwe

Learning how to code is important for everyone, and I’m not just saying that because it’s geek rhetoric – Its a fact supported by the state of skills demand for the 21st century.

Locally we always harp on about how we would benefit by having programming introduced as a compulsory part of new age learning, but its not always the case that any action follows that, well at least on a massive scale.

Thankfully some people are out to change that by getting Zimbabwe to take part in the Hour of Code.

The concept, which was started by a non-profit organisation called code.org, is simple. During Computer Science Education Week (8th to 14th of December) different communities around the world organise a free one hour introductory course to computer science and programming basics.

The teachers and students do not need to be experienced in programming at all. Hour of code is open to all ages and participants can choose from a variety of self-guided tutorials, from pre-school level. Tutorials are designed to work on any modern browser, tablet, smartphone, or device.

Code.org has its own tutorial which feature Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and video lectures from Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. These two are just some of the Silicon Valley icons that have thrown their weight behind the rollout of this initiative in American Schools.

Where is it happening in Zimbabwe and how can I be part of it?

The Zimbabwean Hour of Code will be taking place at

Bindura University:  10 – 12 December 10 am and

 Hypercube Hub:  8 – 10 December 10 am

Updates on the event are available on the Hour of Code Zimbabwe Google + page  and information is also being shared via the Twitter handle @hourofcodezim

 Right now the organisers are seeking support from organisations and people interested in being a part of this and if you want to take part you can register by clicking here.

Are you keen on getting involved? You can contact the organisers of Hour of Code Zimbabwe on any of the following:

 Email: hourofcodezim@gmail.com

Phone:0772865459, 0733773963, 0734041011



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    cool would love to attend

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    great stuff!

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    Finally, something for the techheads…

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