VAS entrepreneur who accused Telecel of stealing his idea, loses case


Telecel Zimbabwe Headquarters HarareRemember the court case of the VAS entrepreneur that accused Telecel of stealing his idea back in 2012? Well, it’s come to the fore again, but this time with a ruling. Yes, it has taken this long to get a ruling, so do keep that in mind and plan for it when you decide to sue a big company.

This week a judgement was passed and it’s in favour of Telecel Zimbabwe. Essentially, the ruling says that since what was said to have been stolen by Telecel is the “Method of Operation” of the Mega promotion, Telecel is in the clear because the law says:

The following matters and things shall not be eligible for copyright – ideas, procedures, systems, methods of operation.. … even if they are explained illustrated or embodied in a work…..


Here’s the full judgement in a pdf supplied us by someone at Telecel. We have contacted Peterson Tengende, the entrepreneur in the case, to establish what he feels about the judgement as well as to know if he’s closing this book or pursing the case further. We’ll update when we hear back.

If you read the judgement, please do comment below with your opinions on whether judgement has been just on Tengende.

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