Need to know how to access WhatsApp from a computer? Here are the steps


WhatsApp-Desktop-PicAs if all the news surrounding the temporary bans from its rogue third party imitations wasn’t enough, the WhatsApp team launched an official desktop version of the Instant Message service. The WhatsApp Web option is not available for IOS apparently because of the restrictions in the IOS ecosystem. It’s however available on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10 and Nokia S60.

However the instructions available on the WhatsApp blog for access to the web application (which only works on Google Chrome) got several people confused. If you still can’t access the service here are the simple steps for how to access WhatsApp from a computer.

  1. In your WhatsApp app on your phone, go to the menu and check if you have a new menu item called ‘WhatsApp Web.WhatsApp Web menu item
  2. We used Android, which is shown in the picture, for other mobile operating systems, please check the picture below.
    WhatsApp other platforms
  3. If you cannot see the “WhatsApp Web” menu item as show in the picture above, you will have to update your version. Download the ‘latest’ version here. It’s version 2.11.500.
  4. After downloading this file on your PC you then transfer it to your phone, a USB cable transfer ought to suffice.
  5. Use your phone’s file manager to browse the file then you open it to update your current WhatsApp version
  6. After updating it you then restart your WhatsApp to activate the new version. If you are still stuck i.e you still can’t access the QR scanner or Web feature on your WhatsApp  menu just restart your mobile phone and you’re good to go.
  7. Go to the following WhatsApp url: in your Google Chrome (it has to be Chrome, or a Chromium based browser like Yandex.)
  8. On the site will find a QR code that you will need to take a picture of with through your WhatsApp (Please Note through your WhatsApp not your conventional QR code reader).WhatsApp QR Code Scanning for Web version
  9. To take the shot of the QR code go to WhatsApp then Menu and there you will see the option for WhatsApp Web and follow the simple prompt. You’re good to go!

WhatsApp Web at work


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