Video: Journalists demand apology from Nyambirai as condition for a presser

Following the raid on a Harare based online publication, The Source, yesterday, Steward Bank called for a press conference this morning. The conference however never happened as journalists demanded that Tawanda Nyambirayi, the legal lead for Econet and Steward Bank, apologise for the raid before proceeding with the presser. Nyambirai refused to aplogise and later said he stood firm by it.

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9 thoughts on “Video: Journalists demand apology from Nyambirai as condition for a presser

    1. who bullied who, econet or the high court

      econet ddnt march into pples office without permission

  1. A few disappointing things from the video:

    1) ANY form of successful communication requires ONE PERSON TALKING and ONE-OR-MANY Listening. Both ways. But here you have 10,000 voices demanding questions and giving no chance to respond.

    2) Regardless of that, some journalist goes on to blabber on about the case number. I mean seriously? That can be obtained very easily. Even after the press conference. You would certainly be given. It is also public information that can be obtained from the police(even more credible source)

    In the process, the journalists lost out an opportunity to listen, condense and quote what the motivation of these guys were, how it was done and what they justified their actions with.

    AND THEN RESPOND!!!!! Then question. Then express their displeasure on the disregard of press freedoms during the raid… etc

    But everyone is angry and unrestrained. The press conference was a waste of time. It did send a clear message to Econet that their actions were not endorsed by the journalists.

    Only way forward is a televised, unbiased QA session with all parties represented by more composed individuals (Econet, Police, Justice and Journalist). Usually the leadership in all sides are more mature.

  2. Nyambirai is a bully. Period !! Not acceptable, they must do that to South Africa and see. They have disrepspected us Journalists, they should have approved Council or request article take downs. Bhoo this time econet. If Chiyangwa failed to pay whats the secret about it. We will write and not stop….

  3. The Journo’s @ Press Confer acted irresponsibly and showed a high degree of unprofessionalism by shouting & one journo even toy-toying… Come on journo’s you guys are sure educated & literate…
    “Source-Anonymous” -find me if you can 🙂

  4. I have never seen such a disorderly bunch of naive journalists. Are these journalists or they are Chipangano guys from Mbare? Completely, absolutely ridiculous! Can we say we have professional journalists telling us news when they go to disrupt a press conference and ask for food? Oh! my goodness! I think there were all touts from Copa Cabana! We wanted to know as the ordinary readers what really transpired and some bully journalists think they can do anything they want? COMPLETE NONSENSE! OUR JOURNALISTS ARE THE WORST EVER!

  5. ma journalist anomakisa…hahahahahaha..they cant even speak one at a time..thank God i passed school and wont have to be a part of this silly group

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