Zim’s digital minds gather in Harare as Digital Future Conference starts

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

After months and months of build up, Zimbabwe’s largest conference on digital media and broadcasting is finally here.

Digital Future, a two-day indaba aimed at exploring the opportunities that lie in online and electronic media kicks off today at 8am at Sango Conference Centre, Cresta Lodge Harare.

It has been touted as Zimbabwe’s largest gathering of digital minds, and for good reason. In the next two days there will be presentations from thought leaders in the digital and broadcast space as well as discussions from a gallery of seasoned media practitioners.

A huge focus will be on unravelling key dynamics on how old media blends with new age media, the huge place carved out by social media and how it will impact the local market, the relevance of digital broadcast technology in an increasingly online world, print and online media dynamics and the opportunities that lie in the future for individuals and entities that want to tap into this space.

All this value is going to be complemented by the industry-specific capital that will be shared by the attendees that have come out from different parts of old and new media.

This conference has been made possible by NetOne which is powering the event and efforts of the digital and advertising agency TBWA Zimbabwe, Alpha Media and Techzim.

You can get more information on Digital Future and how to be a part fo it from the website available here.

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