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Telecel finally starts promoting its bundles, but the service has one flaw


You’ve got to hand it to Econet. In less than one week, the nasty move it made to adjust its social media bundles has created more conversation about the company across various platforms than would normally be the case for any new service.

That’s not to say the dialogue is good in any way though. The “Inspired Network” is getting slammed left right and centre, though it doesn’t seem like Econet is bothered.┬áIt’s funny how NetOne and Telecel, Econet’s competition hadn’t jumped at all this anger towards Econet and launched aggressive campaigns to win over some frustrated subscribers, until today anyway.

Telecel ran an advert encouraging people to be wise and get the real deal with its cheaper bundles. Although I’m impressed that Telecel has finally responded to what’s going on, I’m not moving over to its network. I chose to just ignore all Extra social media bundles and handle downloads from occasional WiFi access.


Sure, its bundles are cheaper, but my concern is how Telecel isn’t telling its subscribers that its service has one weakness because it’s also capped. It could have been a perfect substitute, but this undisclosed data cap is a bit of a flaw. Is this because the Telecel downloads will end up being just as expensive as Econet’s bundles?

One of the frustrating things about Econet’s new social media bundles is the data capping. Both Lite and Extra versions are capped, and the unlimited ride we had gotten used to is no more. At the risk of playing devil’s advocate, Econet at least had the guts to tell us its own data caps. Perhaps Telecel should do the same.

And oh, while we are still on the subject of social media bundles, what is honestly wrong with NetOne? You don’t need to be a Machiavellian strategist in telecoms to realise that now is the time to go all out promoting social media bundles and broadband services. Perhaps some shakeups are necessary after all.

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