Econet offers clarification on WhatsApp & Facebook bundles


Recently, we wrote about Econet’s new WhatsApp Lite and Plus bundles as having differing speeds in addition to the pricing and the download and upload caps. Econet has informed us as a matter of fact that the bundles effectively have the same speeds and all packages allow media downloads albeit at differing download caps and pricing.

Econet has introduced a Fair Usage Policy, a mechanism for allocating data fairly across users with higher download needs and those with average necessities, especially on WhatsApp. The good news is however that when you reach your maximum capacity, you are not barred or disconnected, but throttled down to lower speeds.

This has not spared Econet the ire of frustrated subscribers though. Social media has been alive with anti-Econet messages expressing their minds for being taken on a ride. In all fairness, Econet seems to have a case to answer, because this was after all, a price increase.


Lately, there have been complaints about all things related to Econet. From Ecosure SMSs and tele-ads, the conveniently missing “opt out” (does the average user even know what Opt Out means), the “disappearing airtime” and of course the new bundle packages WhatsApp Lite and Plus. That didn’t stop humor mongers from churning out their usual parodies like

Quote of the month: It’s more than a thief, it’s a Buddie.

ATTENTION: Due to the absurdity done by Econet, I kindly ask all Netone, Telecel and Wi-Fi users to stop sending me pics and music without my request for I can no longer afford that kind of lifestyle anymore. – Whatsapp Lite User

Econet Wanyaless: Inspired to empty your pockets.

The statement from Econet goes a long way to clarify how its bundles do work, but with all these jibes from users, there’s no way of telling if subscribers will be ready to accept it or they will just ignore it and wait for something like a price reduction.

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