Zimbabwean inventor showcases his own drone, electric car and green generator

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[Updated here to point out and reflect on what the real inventions or innovations are, according to Saith Technologies] 

We have just been to the Saith Technologies Open Day and a lot of what we witnessed has to be the next thing in energy and communication not just in Zimbabwe but possibly in the world.

Sungulani Chikumbutso, Zimbabwean Inventor
Sangulani Chikumbutso, Zimbabwean Inventor

Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso is a Zimbabwean inventor who has come up with various disruptive technologies that will shift the way science is working. In fact he says he has come up with the inventions that according to him, “defy the laws of physics” and to that extent he has found difficulty in getting some of his stuff patented worldwide.

Among the prototypes on exhibit today were an electricity powered car (Saith EV) that Saith Technologies  says is way better than Tesla’s, a helicopter (Saith Hex_Copter) that works on five fuels, Microsonic powered generator (Greener Power Machine), locally manufactured (not assembled) drone, surveillance towers, mobile broadcast communication backpack, intelligent IP Mesh backpack and household transformer that can multiply power a hundredfold.

We will be following up with Chikumbutso to get finer details about how his inventions work.

Here are some of the prototypes in pictures.


  1. Gedion Moyo

    Job Well Done! Kudos Chikumbutso. Waiting for more innovations from you and team…

    1. Empythead

      Look guys, all of you who are running to critisise and shoot down Chikimbutso, listen to me and I quote Ayn Rand, “Truth is not for all men, it is only for those who search for it”. Instead of going to see for yourself, you are busy spewing out vitriol of the magnitude of Mount Krakatoa when it erupted ages ago. Because your barains are lazy to take the next step in development does not mean everything else is impossible. Yes you may not believe it all this young men is doing is possible, even multiplying power, why, even Nikola Tesla, the greatest minds of them all, was able to showcase cordless electricity lighting a room! When he invented the AC electric current generator that he suffered the same dose of hate and ridicule that you are now throwing at Chikumbutso!

      Kwanai mhani!

      To Chikumbutso I say, soldier on! Don’t listen to dimwits who want to pull you down. and patent your inventions lest your ideas are stolen! by unscrupulous people!

      1. guga

        you have no knowledge of technology my friend. Hanti takamboti diesel comes from a rock . go ahead believe this guy. fools are born everyday.

        1. Anonymous

          Typical darkie. Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t as well. That’s why they call you nggers.

        2. Inini

          You are the one who doesn’t have knowledge about technology. These are not theories, these are proven research findings and have artifacts as evidence.

      2. Anyway John

        thats true my bro.He truely is a genious but all Glory be to God.This could or is a game changer in technological advancements of our lovely country.Bravo Mr Chikumbutso

    2. Anonymous

      please do something before the chinese
      do something

      1. ConcernedNetizen

        Gedion, l respect you but don’t fall and make the mistake of believing this clown.

        1. Anonymous

          Concerned idiot. Africa needs Chikumbutso, not losers like you. Just di already.

      2. Anyway John

        true if u leave him u would pave way for some other countries who will offer him $$ just for his brains.Act while there still is time(Govt)


      well done Chikumbutso, I am an ex zim in Australia and we are working on similar tech’s ,happy to collaborate if you like….pamberi Zimbabwe..

  2. the watcher

    Well done his car looks modern as well may u expand on ur piece please and elaborate in what way his electric car is better than tesla….we need more innovation in this region…kudos to the fellow…mmmmm jus wondering though care to share where he acquired the capital…this is quite a capital intensive venture…

  3. Mthandazo Nyoni

    Thumbs up brother. I feel proud of you and may the good Lord continue blessing you mightily. Long live Zimbabwe!!! Phambili ngeZimbabwe!! Pamberi neZimbabwe. Phambili nge invention…Asijiki

  4. Khal Drogo

    I can see Prophet Makandiwa’s spokesman (Pastor Kufa). I think the Man of God is behind this innovation.

    1. taraz

      You beat me to that. Wanted to say the same Khal

  5. @Code_Writer

    Gifted Hands…

    May the dear Almighty God bless you with more wisdom. I’m really impressed. Well done. #ZimbosCanDoIt

  6. Elijah Mutema

    Respect brother!!! real nice work

  7. justin

    I dont want to the buzz killer but….

  8. Anonymous

    Hands down, this is great..

  9. Life

    Waaaaaal well done this is excellent,,,,May the Lord almighty protect u,,,,,,inventor u are a star

  10. Life

    Guys lm impressed with this guy,,,,,,how can l meet them ………….Indeed Be blessed guys lm puzzled hy

  11. Ngoni

    Greater works indeed may your good Lord continue to bless you

  12. Ngoni

    The is what we need to overcome power shortage in southern Africa keep up the good work…

  13. Eliphas

    Its great if this guy is creating anything new. But the car looks like the BYD my girlfriend drives in China. In fact the car is a BYD, so am not sure what he created on the car.

    1. king slomon

      Ths iz an achvmnt plz note tht he’s e4ts a vry great u cn try 2do jo 0wn invention so tht we cn see da sky is da lmit Chikmbtso shanda nesimba da wrld iz watchng

  14. Eliphas

    Its great if this guy is creating anything new. But the car looks like the BYD my girlfriend drives in China. In fact the car is a BYD, so am not sure what he created on the car.

  15. Pfugari original

    Haaaa great works indeed…. We tried to do our inventions but haaaa we were doing nothing… These are real and true inventions God given ideas…… may the mighty God continue to Bless your works n your Life.. Long live to change our nation and our continent

  16. Lexy

    Greet works for sure…Zimbabwe you have been remembered..

    1. guga

      more like diesel from the rocks

  17. wadmap5

    Well done Spirit Max

  18. Sergio paquio

    Are u saying Zimbabwe created this?..uuuuuuuum if truly so now u the power…..Energy is the power….

  19. Themba

    I’m thrilled at the level of ingenuity coming from Africa. We need to be starting on producing our own right now. Sch projects require our full support as citizens of this continent. Don’t reinvent the wheel but if u can improve it, yes u are adding great value. Our continent is experiencing socio economic upheavals because we do not produce goods, instead we consume what the world produces out of our own inputs. Even the nuclear energy infrastructure that the South African government wants should be designed and build by Africans. Yes, overseas experts will be brought in as partners, but it should largely be an African Project. lets walk the talk. Well done everyone behind these innovations. Aluta continua.

  20. Zigzaya

    And….. the pentecostal peeps have taken over the comments! What, with their blessings, spirits, pastors, everything BUT common sense.

    When the dust settles (it always does), someone will have egg on their face.

    This looks like chinese goods that were modified in zim. Or, at best assembled in zim.

    1. Dat Guy

      U are so right. No one did any research. Chinese product branded as his. What a farce. If it was made by Zim for zim, why is the car left had drive LOL!!!

    2. guga

      taura hako iwa, zvakazara pa ali baba izvo. these are not inventions at all. i you were making a car for zimbabwe would you make it left hand drive. Haiwawo. these are chinese no name brands. nothing more. Tibvunzei isu ma tech buffs. This is pure diesel from a rock kinda stuff. there is no invetion here.

  21. Iniwo hangu

    very interesting how a product designed and developed by Zimbabweans turns out to be a left handed vehicle in a right handed vehicle nation. Design flaw could it be? unintentional perhaps?

  22. Iniwo hangu

    I think we need a more technically oriented article on these inventions because through research so far the invention seems to be re branding the products. may the author please give us a better follow up. what technologies have been introduced to these existing devices belong to our fellow brother so we may give credit where it is accorded.

  23. Bee Geez

    Ummmm I’m on the internet right now trying to search more info about this guy but I can’t find. That is really a great job he is doing. Makaipa makaipa

  24. Anonymous

    According to the information given at the presentation. The Power Machine evolved through the years. It started as 150 watt to 1200 watt machine, then to what it is half megawatt. All this starting from 1999. The vehicle started in 2003. According to him. funding was an issue. But a good samaritan showed up and given him $500 000 as gift for his projects. He had taken all these years working on the project but money was limiting him. Another men helped him with some money, but when he could no longer manage thats when the projects stopped the $500 000 he got plus some money he earned on some of his personal consultants he managed to bring these projects to where they are. I listened carefully during the presentation. Asked some of the guys wearing T/Shirts story was consistant. I know its hard to believe especially when its coming from a form two drop out. But look the guy is not talking theory, go and see it yourselves if you have any doubts. There were also a lot of other media houses to cross check what Techzim have written. The doubt is expected because sincerely even when i attended the presentation, what i saw is not what was on my mind buy there is proof to remove any doubt.

    1. Dwayne Williams

      Seeing is okay, but it important to observer and understand. If I have a presentation with a Galaxy S6 I claim to have designed and built, are you gonna believe me simply because you saw and touched it?

  25. Iniwo hangu

    Lest we forget a couple of years ago we had guys the like of Shangwa claiming they invented laptops called NHAVA which just died away owing to lack of technical support of the Chinese product they had simply re-branded

  26. stfungayi

    Edit:: you mean if you put in 10 watts you get 1000 watts or above?From a transformer?

  27. macd chip

    Let me try to give be a patriotic Zimbo and support my fellow country man!

    We hav “seen” his inventions and amazing products, so where is the manufacturing plant for all this?

    Can he show case state of the art plant, labs, workers, raw material and RD facilities.

    Can he invite our Universities, Higher Education Mininstry to authenticate all this plus public and real journalist ?

    1. Anonymous

      100% correct macd chip

  28. Anonymous

    kkk religious leaders to verify scientific inventions.That’s Zim for you.

  29. eduardo

    Guys lm puzzled this mrng hey…..who is this man….company contacts hy

  30. Garikai Dzoma

    I am skeptical myself. My mom told me before I left for Harare: If it’s too good to be true then it is too good to be true. This guy’s inventions don’t just defy physics, they defy logic and following Occam’s Razor this guy has to be lying. That’s the simplest explanation.

    1. Dedza

      Vikella tipewo maserious. Watadza kuita research mbijana. Common sense should have told you that this is too good to be true. This guy did not invent anything he showcased. Do a Google search for each of the supposed inventions and you’ll see for yourself

  31. Anonymous

    awesome stuff.

  32. justin

    Wiki says”A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through
    electromagnetic induction . Commonly, transformers are used to increase or decrease the voltages of alternating current in electric power applications.
    A varying current in

  33. Mbava

    I don’t know where this guy is getting his cash or how he has gone un heard of for so long, but to develop and manufacture all of these technologies without having put even one on the market leaves me extremely skeptical. The investment required for research and development into just one of those products would have put any start up in the red. Never mind the production of those items! Custom built vehicles require a complete overhaul of factory machinery and a minimum order of tens of thousands of units to make it viable for a manufacturer. Arguably you could say it was a concept car – fine – but Zimbabwe does not have the manufacturing capacity to assemble, never mind produce a car of that spec (Mazda Willowvale assembly plant included). Before we get ahead of ourselves and are blinded by our patriotic hope of a local tech guru, I suggest this company is scrutinised further. I call on the University of Zimbabwe tech department, engineers or a similar Tech forum/organisations to put these products to the test before unbeknown investors plough their cash into what could possibly be another Zimbabwean scam.

  34. kundai

    I want to see a white paper, a proof of concept prototype, a white box exam of said inventions , i require empirical evidence that verifies these claims not “we saw pictures of each step of the way”, i want to know what , how and where he added new knowledge.

  35. stewart

    Thanks man for the good work. Its very unfortunate that some of our own guys are the one who are quick to criticise instead of supporting.
    People need to understand that in most cases we rarely have completely new innovations. Most innovations emanate from a combination of already existing concepts. Therefore i see nothing bad if our brother have combined existing concepts such as vehicle body etc with his own concept to come up with his electric car. The same with the generator and drone.
    Besides, assuming that some of his prototypes have some flaws, that is part of developmental stage and needs to embraced. How many times did Edison tried before being successful on the light bulb.
    ‘Mazimba’ let’s stop this jealous and support our brother. Mupei sando dzake

    1. Deure

      Iwe, kungoti Edson, Edson wakatamba naye hweshe here?

  36. ConcernedNetizen

    l highly doubt the authenticity of this guys technology. The resemblance between the Alibaba drone and the Saith drone leaves a lot to be desired.
    What still baffles me is the fact that the guy simply invited the media only. Why didn’t he call engineers, scientists and experts if he truly thinks his inventions ie. the Car that needs no refueling or recharging, uses some unique technology. Better yet he could release his designs and technology in scientific journals. Then again the dude dropped out of high school, saw his inventions from visions and DID not study any electronics. Typical Zimbabwean con -man story.
    Without anything close to A-Level physics or Science degree, he says his inventions defy the laws of Physics. Which laws is he talking about ? Maybe his “inventions” already exists but scientist don’t think the technologies are sustainable or scalable enough to be adopted into the wider society.
    l am worried that we might be championing a celebration of our mediocrity.

  37. Tajutwa



    100% Resemblance of the one on ALIBABA. Just used a credit card to purchase the item and just shipped to Zim.


    1. Mr Fedza

      it looks like your don’t know the rules of engagement of our customs.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk by now the zimra could have said something.

  38. Antoni

    Wow that so inspirational you have you have set a standard for use up coming inventors .I am sure you know the kind of challenges we face as inventors

  39. Antoni

    I would like to know were their show room or offices are ?

  40. Anonymous

    Having trouble getting patents? Could it be because these “inventions” are not original?? Give us details as to why you cant get patents. How much does it cost to manufacturer these new inventions compared to the already existing original products. When assembled and rebranded in Zimbabwe will they be cheaper to buy than to import finished products from China?

    1. Hater

      I know you will say I’m a hater. Yes I am. But Patent law does not exist in Zimbabwe

  41. Hater

    I know you will say I’m a hater. Yes I am. But Patent law does not exist in Zimbabwe

  42. Azaria Dandawa

    go on inventor do not listen to discouragement we need you

  43. doc mumue

    zimbabweans you dont believe in yourselves. Salute. those are his inventions i have searched and not found any like those. bravo!!!!!!!

  44. jmj

    Check out this company , http://www.rotorway.com/a600-talon/ .They make the same helicopter claimed by our Zimbabwean dude.

  45. Thinker

    That helicopter is called the EXEC162F made by a company called Rotorway! In 1993! The Drone is easily available on Alibaba, made by a company called ALLTECH, its model number is SPELL X6M / X6L

  46. wasu

    I am impressed by the words of encouragement coming from some posts here. It shows Zimbabweans want be known for something good, something that can change the world. Whether these inventions are genuine or not i dont care. I care about our good hearts but i must also agree that episodes such as these were someone takes others for a ride are bad for us. They do more harm than good. Who will take us seriously when real inventions are made?

  47. zondi

    too good tobe true manufacturing those pieces of tech you will need a state of the art workshop i just dont know

  48. tsvenz

    What do you mean by “defy the laws of physics.” Techzim be serious. You may embarrass the whole nation with these kinds of stories that show poor research. A technology mag is supposed to be technical. Don’t just brush over the facts of a story.

  49. tsvenz

    What do you mean by “defy the laws of physics.” Techzim be serious. You may embarrass the whole nation with these kinds of stories that show poor research. A technology mag is supposed to be technical. Don’t just brush over the surface of a story.

  50. russell

    well done

  51. TheDutch

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell are you lads smoking? Please share this strain of ganja since we don’t get this “defiance” here in Amsterdam! Smoke on….. I guess dreams can come true right? Please check out this link — > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZOywH33IGI

  52. Anonymous

    Muface arikutaura zvemafuture inventions mamwe instead of mass commercialising what he already has, ndopatofoirra muAfrica ipapo, kutsvaga mbiri, takatanga kunyora maHierogriphics kuEgypt, asi nhas pasi rese tisu takasarira muzvidzidzo. Deno muface wangu watoshanda kutengesa masinhi.

  53. Anonymous

    dhiziri paSinoia……

  54. constance

    This is inteligence and wisdom from GOD i tell you.
    Because the were people who were thinking that nothing can came out of Zimbabwe asi mwari ndimwari vanoita zvisina kuonekwa ne meso kana kufungizdirwa ne munhu.
    it was just like a delayed match because the man of GOD talked about it before.
    May GOD bless and heal our nation

  55. guga

    all this can be found on alibaba right now. Please zimbabwe dont be fooled. these are not inventions or manufactured here. These are chinese no name brands that you attach your own label on. He must just say he is a supplier of technology. Please Please.

  56. guga

    Diesel from a rock .

  57. Tajutwa

    I’m expecting a PODCAST from TECHZIM any time soon, #JustCurious

  58. Tinashe

    Interesting piece, I would love to see this stuff in action just to appreciate more.

  59. edmag

    With all due respect, the drone thing is not his invention, those items are selling all over. Isn’t there a difference between assembling and inventing???

  60. Lymurn

    Ha ha, its sad that some people actually believe this, even misusing the name of the Lord to glorify this conman, that’s called ignorance too, how can can someone invent all those things at the same time, even Einstein couldn’t, the father of the basis of of all the inventions that define modern technology, a drone, there is a lot of electronics involved there, a helicopter engine that takes 5 different fuels haha,, how did he make the parts of that unique engine, that’s infeasible mechanics esp in our poorly resourced environment and a machine that multiplies electrical power, lmao, kwanzi it defies laws of physics, which law does he know,, not even considering how he managed to get all of the inventions so polished up,,,you need to be critical people, he is taking Zimbabweans for granted, he thinks they are as illiterate as he is, vanhu havachafungi because of miracle belief, that thing of “don’t ask questions just take it as it appears in your eyes” doesn’t work

    1. Ndini Wenyu

      Taura hako… False prophets..

  61. Noteasilyfooled

    Question 1 can we still rely on TechZim’s Credibility
    Question 2 this is bigger than finding oil in Chinhoyi its a National Historic event why is it there no nation media coverage
    Question 3 So after inventing all this “amazing tech” do you plan on stocking it in your garage and brag at local bars how you beat the world but just wasnt interested in getting rich

    Fool me once shame on me!!!!!!!!!

  62. chairman

    Guys l had a chance to visit saith offices today ….what u say. comment abt it …..That Max is Ginious ur comments are useless especially when u critisice and never been there …..its a big shame for u honestly honestly That Max… from today l believe God is in the business of raising the Generation of power coz Energy is power… l really Appreciate God for ur life Sir Max

  63. smone

    nyango achinyeba l dnt see the problem, hes not using yo money nor is he affecting any of you guys, wats wrong with us

  64. Falifa

    Victor Mukandatsama must be let go. This is irresponsible journalism, If it were not for ICT industry news on this blog the majority of us would not read it.

    And all the ignorant people here praising the Lord’s name in vain please go back to school or just wise up a little.

    People do not just invent helicopters drones and EV’s unless they are called Elon Musk or are an entire team of MIT scientists.

    This is sad!

  65. bang

    muchinda uyu arikutipima even kuratidza vakuru venyika chinese products he must be arrested

  66. doc mumue

    kkkk foolish Zimbabweans. this guy iis true. his inventions are different

  67. Anonymous

    This man is a complete fraud, all the products he is showing are Chinese products, may be modified by someone, but he is no inventor, half a million dollars to build a helicopter makes me laugh. The machinery to make the parts would cost more than that. A drone….. Carbon fiber mold for the body where is that????? and don’t even get started on the electronics, Or the patents…

  68. Techstories

    For the FULL STORY OF SAITH check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oomnqvQMfzs

    1. Ndini Wenyu

      Really?? How different is that from the glossy un-detailed stuff you been feeding us for the past week? you guys are fast turning into a worthless tabloid… respect your readership.

  69. Scientistzee

    to all Zimbabweans..wat is wrong with our brain software..how did China rise..watch America’s “Death by China” documentary. …Why is that most blacks invented most things but never had the production benefits..why do we have the silicone valley in America…why do people register patents and yet yu divuldge everything before attaining registration. .Why are our scientific universities not even borrowing technologies and starting production locally…where are our so called engineers as practitioners. ..our education system needs to be revisited..kids in china build things..our own professors built nothing and yet they should be critcs and authenticators of wat they read than did or experienced…lets get together..support our own guys and invest in industry more than real estate alone…

    Most “made in China” products are “elsewhere” concepts..please guys lets not stop kubika mfarinya nekuti wakatanga kubikwa ku Nigeria

    Support industry..grow Zim’s economy
    I will criticise construvtively…my question to Max is..what next…haisi mhosva kuve drop out..thats where yu started..yu wont have problems also learning and getting certified on basics kuti usashainirwe nemademhe akadzidza..
    Every brilliant idea..borrowed or not will face great criticism
    And to all of us who hev crisscrossed the globe in search of knowledge..isn’t it a shame that we hev failed to grow our nation with all those degrees and certificates that can plaster a double storey house

    Wish you the best…


  70. Tutuo

    This is similar to what happened to Strive Masiyiwa when he tried to launch Econet in Zimbabwe. They fobbed him off. It was only when he made a name for himself in other countries that Econet came to Zimbabwe. This is a disgrace.

  71. Op

    This man has done something commendable for the nation and it comes at a time when a certain Man of God has been talking bout this, in fact he has been preaching about this since 2014, “The Spirit of Invention”, I just extracted some writings from the facebook page of the church “””Throughout the Scripture, we see paradigm shifts occurring in the lives of the Bible greats after God revealed to them precisely how to go about an invention. For example Noah had a visitation from God, and was vividly shown how to go about constructing the ark in its entirety: “And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of :…”( Genesis 6:15 KJV) The Ark was a masterpiece, and it all culminated from an idea that God released to Noah. Moses too, built the tabernacle using a design he received directly from God, and what a truly heavenly design it was; “According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it.”(Exodus 25:9 KJV) “And look that thou make them after their pattern, which was shewed thee in the mount.” (Exodus 25:40 KJV)
    That is the mind of God to fill his children with His wisdom that is spoken of in the Scripture:
    “I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.” (Proverbs 8:12
    Every new concept emanates from the spirit realm, in other words, it is a product of the spirit. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17 KJV) Your purpose will enable you to see beyond the boundaries of society and ensure you are a producer of a new product. In other words, it will be: A SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED ANSWER TO PHYSICAL NEEDS!””” You can read more for yourself my eyes have been opened by what this Ministry is talking about. I think it could help us all in evaluating this matter from a religious point of view… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Assigned-Ministers-Ministries-International/307449306033727

  72. Jack

    Those who are in doubt are in for a huge surprise.Non Zim people like Angolans and Brazillians are chipping in early isu tiri busy kutuka nekusvora.Commend and support him veduwe musadaro.

  73. Anyway John

    true if u leave him u would pave way for some other countries who will offer him $$ just for his brains.Act while there still is time(Govt)

  74. blessing nyamadzawo

    well thats good innovation bro

  75. blessing nyamadzawo

    well thats good innovation bro, keep up the good work

  76. Patrack

    Thank you for the innovation but i have a question, Why would a Zimbabwean inventor make a Zimbabwean car that has a left sided steering wheel? Dude, you know we do drive on the left side of the road right?

  77. De Angel

    In as much as we might want to tell the world that as Zimbabweans, we can also hold our own, pane dzimwe nguva, we should be able to call a spade a spade. A search online has led to me to the following link. Please check it out before you jump to defend some ideas.

  78. lee

    i have a feeling tjis guy is a son of prophet Makandiwa…..ummmm sons here we go”

  79. dantel muty

    Look at u, busy looking down for someone who has done something that we shld support.m sory for u guys iwe chako chawagadzira ichii kana mota yewaya chaiyo wakaitadza. Lets giv him a pum pum.

  80. ultra

    zvinoshamisa wedu adadisa muno isu tongoshora asi vekunze votoona mukana wekusimudzira nyika dzavo isu tichingosaririra kumashure, we dont hv love for our own for sure ,really hurts now other countries wil take the lead and thts wen we wil then say mwana wedu iyeye isu tichimurasa nhasi…….

  81. jef

    well i was inducted at his workshop..trully he is a star…his best invetion was the generator…considering the laws of science that power is neither created but transferd on this one it was defied..Ther were a number of imperfection on the generator but the principles is mavelous o

  82. Kevin

    My man soldier on, don’t worry about these critics its because they are jealous of you and can never be where you are, rather they make you stronger. May the Lord continue to bless you and review to you more so they will be put to shame!!!.

  83. Jackson

    Well Done Brother,
    May God continue to inspired you and protect you

    #Good Morning
    #Let Love Lead
    #Glory be to God

  84. jimjim

    why is the car left hand drive when it is Zimbabwean

    1. Pat Butete

      Why does that matter whether LHD or RHD?

  85. CodeWriter

    Hi Guys

    I think this is how the Open Day was supposed to be conducted.
    Watch this video, we hear about the technology, we see the car moving (demo) and the engineer explains how the system works. You see, someone, not the engineer must test the technology and give reviews. These are my thoughts.


  86. Anonymous

    sando dzenyu bro ,this is good

    1. Pat Butete

      Ya! Much better than that diesel out of rocks nonsense!…..Who says Zimbas havent got a sense of humour hey!