Zimbabwean inventor showcases his own drone, electric car and green generator


[Updated here to point out and reflect on what the real inventions or innovations are, according to Saith Technologies] 


We have just been to the Saith Technologies Open Day and a lot of what we witnessed has to be the next thing in energy and communication not just in Zimbabwe but possibly in the world.

Sungulani Chikumbutso, Zimbabwean Inventor
Sangulani Chikumbutso, Zimbabwean Inventor

Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso is a Zimbabwean inventor who has come up with various disruptive technologies that will shift the way science is working. In fact he says he has come up with the inventions that according to him, “defy the laws of physics” and to that extent he has found difficulty in getting some of his stuff patented worldwide.


Among the prototypes on exhibit today were an electricity powered car (Saith EV) that Saith Technologies  says is way better than Tesla’s, a helicopter (Saith Hex_Copter) that works on five fuels, Microsonic powered generator (Greener Power Machine), locally manufactured (not assembled) drone, surveillance towers, mobile broadcast communication backpack, intelligent IP Mesh backpack and household transformer that can multiply power a hundredfold.

We will be following up with Chikumbutso to get finer details about how his inventions work.

Here are some of the prototypes in pictures.

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197 thoughts on “Zimbabwean inventor showcases his own drone, electric car and green generator

  1. Thank you for the innovation but i have a question, Why would a Zimbabwean inventor make a Zimbabwean car that has a left sided steering wheel? Dude, you know we do drive on the left side of the road right?

  2. Look at u, busy looking down for someone who has done something that we shld support.m sory for u guys iwe chako chawagadzira ichii kana mota yewaya chaiyo wakaitadza. Lets giv him a pum pum.

  3. zvinoshamisa wedu adadisa muno isu tongoshora asi vekunze votoona mukana wekusimudzira nyika dzavo isu tichingosaririra kumashure, we dont hv love for our own for sure ,really hurts now other countries wil take the lead and thts wen we wil then say mwana wedu iyeye isu tichimurasa nhasi…….

  4. well i was inducted at his workshop..trully he is a star…his best invetion was the generator…considering the laws of science that power is neither created but transferd on this one it was defied..Ther were a number of imperfection on the generator but the principles is mavelous o

  5. My man soldier on, don’t worry about these critics its because they are jealous of you and can never be where you are, rather they make you stronger. May the Lord continue to bless you and review to you more so they will be put to shame!!!.

  6. Well Done Brother,
    May God continue to inspired you and protect you

    #Good Morning
    #Let Love Lead
    #Glory be to God

  7. Hi Guys

    I think this is how the Open Day was supposed to be conducted.
    Watch this video, we hear about the technology, we see the car moving (demo) and the engineer explains how the system works. You see, someone, not the engineer must test the technology and give reviews. These are my thoughts.

    1. Ya! Much better than that diesel out of rocks nonsense!…..Who says Zimbas havent got a sense of humour hey!

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