Econet confirms adoption of Muzinda Hub, explains motivation for this

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Earlier on, when we were working on the article on Econet’s involvement with Muzinda Hub, we sought clarification from Muzinda Hub about the new arrangement that now exists between the hub and the mobile operator.

Econet has since sent a response that explains the motive behind its involvement with the tech entrepreneurship hub. You can read the statement below.

“We confirm that Muzinda Hub is no longer part of the Higher Life Foundation. As you are aware Econet has always had a relationship with the Higher Life Foundation, specifically around funding the scholarship programme for their beneficiaries. It was the vision of the Econet Chairman, Mr Strive Masiyiwa that from the graduates of this programme, Muzinda Hub identifies 1000 graduates who will be trained in coding, with the intention of them eventually running their own freelance businesses, given the high demand for programmers.

Given Econet’s track record in promoting entrepreneurship in the country, Econet decided to adopt the Muzinda Hub initiative as one of its impact investment initiatives, in order to make sure that the developers get opportunities to get digital jobs post the training. The move allows the Muzinda hub graduates to leverage on the Econet brand as they grow their freelance businesses, whilst at the same time benefiting from the shared services of being part of the Econet group by making sure that they have minimal startup costs.”

Douglas Mboweni
CEO Econet Wireless Zimbabwe


  1. MhukaHuru

    Interesting times ahead…

  2. Good news

    wow, this is good news, next it will be a fund from econet to fund entreprenurs

  3. SoTypME

    Why….why couldnt this happen round the time I ws leaving high school. Why…? I could be running my own tech website by now.

    1. Queen

      guess you can still go for it even now

      1. SoTypME

        You are spoiling it: I need an excuse for why I’m not doing something interesting for a living

  4. macd chip

    Can the ICT Ministry share the same vision with Econet and chip in??

    ..” It was the vision of the Econet Chairman, Mr Strive Masiyiwa..”

    That statement is bit politicking or patronising Mboweni! Are you saying if Masiiwa dies Econet will be visionless?

    1. Chris Mberi

      You had to look for somewhere pekutokonya. Does it matter who came up with the idea or its more important that we all run with it on merit. Mboweni is much too big for such mediocre feuds and this is the kind of thinking we have to get rid of! When masiiwa dies, others including Mboweni will carry the dream with no reservations

      1. macd chip

        Then maybe you need to tell Mboweni that! There is a lot of hero worshiping in Zim and we definately do not need that in our tech industry

  5. tarisa

    Good one econet WL benefit

  6. TheGo

    Masiyiwa for 2018 Pres. I think that is what this job creation, investment, taxes paid noise is all about!

    1. macd chip

      The gvt will not hesitate to punish Econet. They have been looking for every way of punishing Econet and way back in 2010 Manheru threatened Econet to do so

      Sometimes l wonder why Strive Masiiwa have moved his base from SA to UK. Does wikileaks have anything to do with it!!

  7. Anonymous

    @mcdee….soon the min of ICT-PCS will have better ideas in promoting tech hubs ,technoprenuers but the most ICT gradutes dont have skills and passion in SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT .zvinopera paku defender project ..thus not generating code ready for the Industry…Hope ECONET will equal share the benefits bcz most ideas are being lost or taken

  8. Queen

    Awesome stuff there guys keep it up, Dr Strive you are amazing.

  9. bosst1

    the involvemnt of econet in this hub kaaaa,,,atori ma1 emadevelopers mnje coz mamnje uchanzwa vakuchema kti nakabirwa idea yangu,,,,econet mattsotsi anosimudzira