Google & Alphabet, EcoCash Burundi & WorldRemit, Aruba and Innovation Prize for Africa – Podcast


In this midweek podcast, we discuss the restructuring at Google that has created Alphabet, EcoCash Burundi and its remittances partnership with WorldRemit, the upcoming Innovation Prize for Africa event being held in Harare on Friday the 14th of August and the workshops on WiFi being conducted in Zimbabwe by a California-based company, Aruba.


Do you think the new Alphabet structure will give Google an innovative edge? What are your opinions on the WiFi training being conducted by Aruba and the fact that it’s not being conducted by a local operator or the regulator?

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One thought on “Google & Alphabet, EcoCash Burundi & WorldRemit, Aruba and Innovation Prize for Africa – Podcast

  1. Aruba is coming to Zimbabwe to promote itself and put a marker on people’s minds so that when you think of buying a wireless solution, you will go with something you are familiar with, in this case, Aruba.

    They, the Aruba guys are not going to teach wireless standards, they will give you knowledge relevent to their product suite. This is where Potraz can still come in and make vendor neutral awareness campaigns to give public unbiased infor.

    Can you guys do your podcast after you got who is who at inovation africa. You glossed over it today and l know Victor is itching for friday to come and pass

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