Tengai ZW, Net Neutrality, Nettcash acquired, Job cuts in Telecoms – Podcast

The relationship that exists between local mobile operator, Econet and, a new classifieds platform, has triggered a huge debate on net neutrality in Zimbabwe. It also saw Tengai getting hacked a few days after it was launched.

We talk about this issue in this episode of the podcast. Other topics included the latest on Nettcash and how it was acquired by Mozido, the regulation in mobile money in Zimbabwe, the job cuts that are being effected in the telecoms sector thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, as well as the crowdfunding campaign kicked off by a local startup, School Sports Network, for a live streaming service.

What are your own thoughts on this net neutrality debate? How complicated do you think the Tengai/ Econet relationship is, and how should this sort of thing be handled by regulators? If you have any comments on the issues touched on in this podcast, please feel free to share them here, or on social media.


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2 thoughts on “Tengai ZW, Net Neutrality, Nettcash acquired, Job cuts in Telecoms – Podcast

  1. On the Tengai issue, i feel that since there are no laws from POTRAZ its fair enough to take advantage of this opportunity whilst it lasts. Otherwise i was looking forward to check out this new home grown eCommerce platform, too bad AnonymousZimbabwe had other plans in mind.

  2. nettcash started good ,but now its a dead compony .l used to enjoy their services ,. everything that has something to do with bill payment is no longer existing,some agents has already closed the booth for some months ,while others are struggling to cash out their monies from the machine terminal

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