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What does Econet want me to do with 3 cents of free airtime?

When it comes to mobile technology and communications, we are all consumers of some sort, and that means we always hope for, and look forward to that discounted service, freebie or buy-this-get-that-free arrangement.

It might seem selfish, always thinking about what we can get from the networks, but it’s hardly shameless. After all, these providers are trying to outdo each other anyway by dishing out these promos. But in buying our loyalty and attention, there has to be some logic and decency to it all.

Which is why I don’t get this free airtime offer from Econet. I mean, sure, I love free airtime, we all do, right? But what’s with the 5 cent airtime awards? (valid for 1 day, by the way)


By now most of us have received these messages, sometimes with even lower awards (How does a 3 cent gift work anyway?)  I can’t call with the amount, and with the cost of data I’m not going to have any browsing experience anyway.

Then there’s the 24-hour validity. maybe that’s where the logic lies for Econet; getting you to rush to use the 3 cents and in the process, using more airtime. It might be freebie but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t make sense.

While we have seen some not-so-well-thought-out promos in the past, Econet and all these operators can do better than this. We’ve already seen better offers than this before. But then again, it could be cost cutting in action.

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14 thoughts on “What does Econet want me to do with 3 cents of free airtime?

  1. Nigel, are you asking users or its a opinion? Isn’t this what you are suppose to go and ask Econet for clarification then come and write about it informing users what econet expects them to use the credit for?

    1. Haha come on dude. It’s just my own opinion here. This is clearly NOT that kind of article.

    1. Over do what! If its personal opinion then clearly it have to be stated as that.

      A lot of people who are outside the country rely on Techzim for infor. Do not assume that because you have received that text everyone have.

      I for one have never received it so l have no clue what he is talking about or what you know about the sms.

    1. kkkkkk. You are crazy! I read this article and because I have something else to do I moved on instead of looking at the finger!

  2. Econet is treating people like fools. They must also understand that we know what is worth appreciating.

  3. You have to win twice at least for this to make sense. I guess someone in the EW Finance dept has done his stats right. I’m sure the programme that generates winners MUST not pay more than “warranted”.

    On a lighter note, one SMS represents amount as USD0.50 and the other as $0.40c. The latter is a meaningless error that is usually eliminated by the time you finish grade 4 at Primary School! Is EW outsourcing coding to K9 kids?

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