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Celsys shutdown, Muzinda & e-lancing, online ticketing – Podcast

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In this episode we discuss the closure of Zimbabwean tech and printing company Celsys. Referring to itself as “A one-stop-shop for integrated communications solutions”,  Celsys was once listed on the local stock exchange.

We also discuss the e-lancing platform from Muzinda Hub and the opportunity it is meant to capture, as well as the startup National Tickets, and its attempts at shaping bus ticketing using tech.

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One thought on “Celsys shutdown, Muzinda & e-lancing, online ticketing – Podcast

  1. I say this over and over and over again, Zimbabwean are dubious to use online payment methods. You (Mr. Kabweza) can say that, at Techzim people book for events using Paynow, its because IT professionals totally understand and appreciate online services and not the general public. After 3 months; prove me wrong, let the online ticketing startup send you a history summary of transaction done using VPayments, Visa/MasterCard or Mobile Money. You will laugh until you cry 🙂

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