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Muzinda Hub set to launch online jobs platform

Part of the team of Muzinda Hub developers 

As most people now know, thanks in part to the strong publicity created by its parent company, Econet Wireless, Muzinda Hub has been training 1,000 young Zimbabweans in software development and core entrepreneurship skills.

To celebrate the end of the training for these aspiring tech entrepreneurs, there will be a graduation ceremony at the end of October. But that’s not all. Muzinda Hub will also be using the event to launch a new online jobs platform.

This job centre is meant to provide anyone searching for Zimbabwean tech skills, particularly software development talent, with an online platform where the right skills can be sourced. It’s going to be providing access to the developers that Muzinda has prepared over the past 12 months, and follows the promotion that Muzinda has already been conducting for these developers.

The platform is web based and it allows a client looking for a programmer or a software solution to create an account on the platform, request for a developer or specify a job they need done for them, after which they will be sent a quote from the developers working on it. Once the job commences they get real time updates on the progress. At the same time it notifies the developers of jobs available.

This platforms comes at a time when Econet is also preparing to launch an on-demand jobs and service platform called Technites, which extends to both skilled and non-skilled work.

According to Tendai Mashingaidze, the team lead at Muzinda, all this is meant to dovetail with the vision for job creation and entrepreneurial promise both of which have been articulated by Econet Wireless and Strive Masiyiwa, its founder.

If the platform manages to scale effectively, providing a skills base made up of Zimbabwean talent, it will be the first local case of a skills centre that is exporting services, an idea that has been debated at length as a solution for Zimbabwean unemployment, particularly through services like call centres.

Thanks to the internet, the advantages of such centres include the ability to access markets around the world. Examples of similar platforms include the very popular Fiverr.

While Muzinda Hub is leaning on the Econet badge to help create visibility for this jobs platform, its success will largely be determined by how well the team of developers executes on the work presented to them. As is the case with e-lancer platforms and everything else on the internet, competition comes in the form of anyone who has internet access and cares to go up against you.

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14 thoughts on “Muzinda Hub set to launch online jobs platform

  1. It means these developers have to up their game as they will be competing with some of the best developers.

  2. Thank you taraz. With local support we will go miles in creating employment and positioning Zimbabwe, both locally and internationally, as a Hub for Tech Skills.

  3. awesome stuff, its a great project, it will transform Zim cyber space. However Muzinda guys needed a pre exposure to cyber space either through attachments or onjob projects before they get availed to the market. it myt start off on a wrong note and paint a picture which myt be hard to erase

    1. Thanks friend! Our developers range from project managers, senior developers and junior developers (comprise the bulk) based on experience levels. Some were already established developers but joined the initiative to get training in languages they were not familiar with. We did this to avoid the scenario that you depicted above. We have the skill to compete with the best in the world here in Zimbabwe.

      1. Thanks that makes sence, so will a Junior developer make decent living entirely from that arrangement or its wise to have a base income from somewhere?

  4. “It’s going to be providing access to the developers that Muzinda has prepared over the past 12 months”
    This statement to me seems to imply that only developers from Muzinda will be able to respond to jobs posted on the platform. Is that so?
    If so then how can you be saying our “developers are ready to compete with the best developers in the world” or others even in Zimbabwe?

    1. Thanks Maki. Indeed only Muzinda developers will be able to respond to jobs posted on the Muzinda platform. However, our research has shown that a client is likely to try at least two other platforms such as these, comparing quotes and recommendations, before they decide to use one. Hence it is in this context that we are ready to compete with other developers (on other platforms).

  5. thank u muznda guys .now i am able to evelop my apps.

    pliz do it fo other youth like what u did to me

    may the lord bless you guys

    with Muzinda i have arise and shine

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