The Econet Beyond The Phone Expo in pictures

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Other than the release of its Half Year Financial Results, the highlight of the week for Econet Wireless has been the Beyond The Phone Expo being held at the HICC in Harare.

Econet decided to pull out all of the stops showcasing the various products and services it has been working on the extend its reach beyond voice communication. The Expo will run until Saturday the 17th of October, which has been planned as a family day. In case you missed out on the Expo, here are some shots taken from the showcase.


The uberification of Econet and its new startup Technites


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  1. SaMawaka says:

    monopolistic tendencies

    1. Xibo says:

      So they rather stick to dwindling voice revenues. Wise man indeed.

  2. innovation says:

    Big up to Econet for being a trendsetter, they leader while others follow. Don’t hate companies that are innovative SaMawaka.

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