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10 teams to battle it out at the Muzinda Hub Business Plan Competition finals

The Muzinda Hub business plan competition which was launched in October by the technology hub and skills centre is set for a live streamed final on Saturday the 21st of November.

According to Muzinda Hub, numerous applications were submitted from close to 20 African countries. As had been highlighted during the submission process, the finalists will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from different parts of Africa.

This live pitching will also be live streamed and people keen on following the proceeding can follow the link available on the Muzinda Hub website, The event starts at 3.30 pm Harare time.

10 startups have been shortlisted for the final pitches and these are

  • – A web-based platform that will provide tools and content for tertiary education
  • BizeX – An online platform that links startups to venture capitalists
  • Quickdeliva – App-based platform that delivers a product bought online via the Quickdeliva platform in under an hour
  • Haynum Travel – online platform that cuts travel costs of individuals travellers by pulling their funds into a pool.
  • iLoc8 – A Geo-tagging app that locates a requested good or service
  • AgriMine – An app focussed on the mining sector that allows investors to buy and sell shares and gives information that aids the investors to make decisions
  • SafeTravel – A mobile phone geo-tagging application where users can notify loved ones of developments as they travel
  • ChildMinder – A child minding app that monitors child’s health indicators and allows parent to make daily health savings into a mobile wallet, that minder can use when child gets sick.
  • Workerbee – App that locates semi/ informally skilled labourers to those in need of their services
  • QIU – A business directory for small businesses focussed on the continent, with initial focus on Nigerian market

5 of the startups, Bizex, Haynum, iloc8, Agrimine and childminder are Zimbabwean with the rest of the finalists coming from various parts of Africa.

There will be 5 finalists selected on the day, and these teams will have their tech platforms developed by Muzinda Hub. In addition to this, they will receive assistance in building their business cases through online entrepreneurship training, from Ubuntu Equity, a Johannesburg-based outfit. 

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7 thoughts on “10 teams to battle it out at the Muzinda Hub Business Plan Competition finals

  1. 9 out of ten of these businesses will flop. The reason being they where chosen for their ‘novelty’ aspect but do not look ready to meet the real world.

    For example Quick deliver, will they be using Fighter Jets to deliver goods in under an hour?

    1. Ever heard of Sprig? checkout their website! There are many other delivery services out there, that do stuff in less than an hour!

  2. Dude,think outside the box, All quick deliver needs to do is to operate in specific locations when they start and make sure that in those locations they have storehouses that contain the merchandise being sold on their platform. Think Uber,they only operate where there are Uber drivers.

  3. i would not share my project with any of econet related companies or sponsored, they steal our ideas and nothing is done except the legal way which is Zimbabwe the bribe corrupt judges to drag the time whist the make money out of your project. i would rather look for other options. I hate Econet in short, they are thieves. 🙁

    1. Who owns an idea? Problem is that many Zimbabweans think they have a unique and revolutionary ideas when in fact it has already been executed in many other foreign markets. Unless you have a truly unique idea, never seen anywhere else, don’t complain if Econet “steal” your business plan. “Stealing” in that case is not “stealing” at all = Merely seeing a opportunity and being able to execute it effectively. You can fault Econet for certain things, but i’m sick and tired of people moaning that they “steal” ideas!!

  4. these are no not real life problem solving solution . ln zim startups are not market orientanted

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