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Minister of ICT accused of corrupt dealings by suspended NetOne CEO

Supa Mandiwanzira

Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira

Reward Kangai, the suspended CEO of local State-owned mobile network operator NetOne, has accused Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, of corrupt involvement in the operations of the mobile network.

The allegations were levelled against Mandawanzira in Kangai’s address to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee of ICT.

According to Newsday, Kangai claimed that Mandiwanzira had been dealing with Li Siao Dong, a Chinese businessman and owner of MegaWatt Energy.

This is the company that Mandiwanzira identified in his own testimony to parliament as the firm hired by the Ministry of ICT to investigate allegations that the government had been prejudiced of at least $78 million by Huawei in NetOne’s network expansion project.

Kangai also alleged that Mandiwanzira is building a structure in South Africa with Li Siao Dong in a joint venture between Mandiwanzira’s company Blue Nightingale Trading and three companies, Eliz, Ceseec and Megawatt, owned by Li Siao Dong.

Kangai says that he was suspended for refusing to pay Megawatt the $4 million and that the company’s investigation did not bring any value to NetOne. He also made allegations that he was also being persecuted

In addition to these allegations of operational impropriety, Kangai also claimed that he was also being persecuted for refusing to give a local financial institution MetBank time to pay off a $700 000 debt they had with NetOne and that Mandiwanzira had been leading smear campaign in the media by planting stories in the State’s newspaper, The Herald.

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14 thoughts on “Minister of ICT accused of corrupt dealings by suspended NetOne CEO

  1. Kangai might be right, coz on another site Potraz is owed millions by MetBank, then take the person who took the money from Potraz when he was at Metbank then make him Chairman at Potraz, definitely it means the money yatonyura zve. Scandalous Supa!!

    1. Minister vari corrupt ava and he knows Kangai is saying the truth in as much he has his on issues at NetOne. u are on a looting spree Crd, u forced the telecomms regulator to buy you a Nissan Infinity, one of its kind, you forced all parastatals within your control to fund your victory ceremony in Nyanga, you are always interfering with the operations of POTRAZ. The Ozius Bvute guy that you made the Chairman of POTRAZ, you know very well comes from Met Bank, the same bank that owes POTRAZ monies to the tune of over $6 million. Surely how can a straight minister do such a think if you have the ICT sector at heart. You have decided to frustrate or fire anyone whom you think derails your plans to loot. The reshuffles you did at the regulator all point to someone who want to have his pple in management so that you can steal very well. On this one i hope and pray the president act very quickly on this issue.

  2. Kangai should have publicised the corrupt activities when he 1st saw them. That way his words would have had more substance. What he is doing now is simply rebellion, the last kicks of a dying donkey.

    1. matsotsi haagerane tsano, thieves wil onlyl start exposing each other when one is caught

  3. mutually assures destruction get to the point where whichever it goes you bugger yourself by trying to bugger me

  4. saka you where incompetent enough to lose 78 million and expect to be exonerated. come on in sa Zuma saw a flat.e from only 20 million dollars.

  5. The end of all those netone promotions could be a sign that the horse has a new rider now. We used to enjoy during the kangai era, now tthe super supa is messing up netone!

  6. Bring Supa and Reward on national television and let Zimbabweans hear what they have to say

  7. Supa has been abusing his official capacity as minister. Which is why parliament will do well in reforming the law so that corrupt ministers such as these do not abuse their powers to get their hands on corporate cash. The same goes with RBZ. A governor cannot be under the mercy of the president or any Zanu member who thinks its their time to eat. There needs to be independence otherwise you risk another hyperinflation scenario. It’s like this Zanu never learns. In any case, Kangai has very been brave in facing against such a man.

  8. Its a dog eat dog scenario!!!
    Reward’s corruption experience is dynasty steeped or generational considering the late brother was a guru in the field whereas Supa is trying to establish a firm base in the field.

  9. We anxiously await to see if ever any notable punitive action will be taken against these corrupt figures… It’s a pity that in our beloved nation such cases often die a natural death, never dealt with to finality…

  10. I agree with Mat. It is quite shameful kty nyaya dzemuno dzinotsikwa-tsikwa. If we try to follow up on this one tinogona kuzongoona yatsakatika. Currupt people deserve serious punishment because they hold the nation back. These Ministers are supposed to lead by example not to be caught up in such dirty scandals

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