Econet unveils new look & refreshed brand tied to optimistic “Look Up, Zimbabwe” campaign

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Earlier this evening we attended the unveiling of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new look and redesigned logo.

The mobile operator introduced the refreshed brand which is meant to mark a new era for the company as it sets out to offer subscribers “more than just a service but a lifestyle enhancement.”

Econet’s redesigned logo brings with it a new campaign of hope titled, “Look Up Zimbabwe, the Future is bright” which had already been teased through an advertising campaign. The operator’s payoff line “Inspired To Change Your World” won’t change.

At the event, Douglas Mboweni, the CEO of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, spoke of the operator’s inspiration from above and how, with the new brand, Econet was promising to have a more customer-centric culture with a focus on issues like improved network quality and billing issues.

The launch also introduced the new features on the 7X Promotion which have been adjusted to give more value.


  1. Muzukuru

    Who have they been talking to? Zimbabwean prophets? The future is dark, look down in Zimbabwe. #mugabemustfall

    1. Sekuru

      Very Nice Econet!

  2. waste

    Its a very ugly logo! Stupid, waste of time!

  3. waste

    the “C” and “O” look the same…. picture it in your mind u unimaginative econet marketing!

  4. G

    Makes lot of sense that as they move away from being a MNO to a technology lifestyle brand they remove the network map

  5. ggg

    look up to what the le el your tarriffa are at. come on reduce tariffs like Netone fusion then we talk.

  6. tech

    we compete on superior service & product provision not lower tariffs!!!

  7. jblmcarter

    people will always hate…its not possible to make everyone happy if you don’t like Econet tariffs just move to another network but as for me Econet is more than a friend more than a buddy but its family

    1. Mai Quinton

      You are so right . I’m in love with their new brand. Kusatenda uroyi. Thanks buddie.#proudlyzimbabwean!!!!

  8. Michael

    Who was the designer behind it? Might be interested in working with them.

  9. Troy

    last time i followed these logo changes i ended up disappointed. Kingdom bank did the same, changed its logo and the end was near.
    i hope this time the future is bright, like they said.

  10. cde

    logo looks stretched.

  11. 2years Boycotted

    Customer-centric culture. EWZ finally sees the light.

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