GetCash to introduce its own WhatsApp alternative called GetChat

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George Manyere, the director of GetCash

The launch of the new mobile money service platform GetCash didn’t just dwell on the mobile money service itself. Some other plans that Brainworks is working on were shared as well.

It turns out GetCash is also paving way for a local instant messaging (IM) service known as GetChat. The information was first shared by the Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira during his address at the launch event where he was one of the honorary guests.

GetChat is expected to be a fully functional chat service which will provide users of GetChat with an alternative to WhatsApp.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, George Manyere, the director of GetCash and founder of Brainworks Capital (which owns GetCash) highlighted how their team was exploring ways of harnessing locally developed technology to provide solutions that are more affordable for Zimbabweans.

However, he could not be drawn into sharing specific details about the service which he only referred to as part of their future plans.

It’s likely that GetChat will be a chat client embedded in the GetCash application that can be accessed by users at discounted rates. The success of any chat service depends on the number of people you can communicate with on it, so GetCash’s IM plan will probably centred around an exponential growth in GetCash users.

Even if it does get these numbers success isn’t guaranteed. Other dynamics that have determined growth and even survival for IM platforms include the user experience, the features available and in the case of Zimbabwean popularity – the data costs as exemplified by bundles.

GetChat will have to blend all these together and perhaps go further by presenting a specific value proposition that includes an in-app e-e-commerce feature resembling what WeChat and Line offer. All this could be what will get GetChat to work in a field that is extremely difficult to make a new impression in.


  1. Just Another Chat App

    OMG. Here we go again.. First it was Ndeipi Messenger – then Teta Chat App – now this.. what makes it different? I wonder… Hmmm Just another similar app to the list.. Why not be creative a little and do something that really helps people..

  2. TT

    Ummm…lacks originality and why the renaming to something that sounds similar to an already established brand…#Getcash=#Getbucks????

    1. Tawanda

      GetCash is the new brand that was adopted for existing mobile money service Nettcash folllowing its acquisition by local investment group Brainworks Capital Management. The service has been tied to Brainworks’ existing financial service, Getbucks….from the previous story TT. GetCash ne GetBucks owned by the same company so they are consolidating brands #Read

  3. purple

    Ngatibvunze mubvunzo uyaya uyaya…….. Does this thing have end to end encryption?

    1. conspiracy theory

      Aren’t these Brainworks guys tight with Gov.? If there is encryption, I can’t imagine them making a fuss about handing over the keys or just turning it off. In fact, if Supa’s e-war fails to subdue whatsapp and the like and he decides to just shut them off for good, i bet getchat would be the last (g)man standing!

  4. Patrick Sibiya

    I am interested to your group chat

  5. Anonymous

    Mmmm I’m also intresred

  6. CEO

    In my very humble opinion its not about what the application can do or how fancy it is or how many high powered delegates you invite to the meal it boils down to numbers how many people are willing to transact using your platform. that being the case your energy and budget should be on in my view working out a sweet deal for the plenty eco cash agents that have infested the city to dropping the eco cash deal and start advocating for your platform and that game is played on the commission margins and on the IM side well I will borrow a lesson from the book lean start-up switching cost if most of my friends and contacts are on whats app why on earth would I want to go a new IM which I have seen many government officials supporting what if I get hacked great launch guys but lets see what the market says

  7. Baba givie

    its a high school project, i dont support , Ummm…lacks originality and why the renaming to something that sounds similar to an already established brand…#Getcash=#Getbucks???? now whatsapp to get chat nxaaaa. poor zimbo software engineers

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