Your WhatsApp isn’t working? Use Facebook’s Messenger instead

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WhatsApp is down. Well, that’s in Zimbabwe at least.

This is a major disruption for a lot of people who rely on the internet to communicate. However there are many other options that people can still use to communicate including using VPN access to “unlock” WhatsApp.

To be honest, though, that’s probably a bit too complicated for most people. There is, however, one other easier to access alternative – Facebook’s Messenger.


It’s the most relevant fallback chat option for Zimbabweans right now, especially since Facebook comes number two to WhatsApp in terms of use.

If you are using any Zimbabwean mobile network’s Facebook bundles those same bundles will also give you access to Messenger.

Messenger has group features, a voice call option (calls across local networks might not be as crisp, but it can handle strong connections via WiFi plus international calls) and you can still send pictures and videos.

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