Econet Support offers more ways to help you, plus my secret number for EcoCash


If you’ve ever been in a fix and required help from the Econet Support team, there are now more ways to do it!

Econet has opened its support lines of communication to Social Media for the convenience of its clients.

Their twitter support team is quite responsive and offers real-time support, usually escalating your issues to the relevant departments and offering a call-you-back option to get a better understanding of your problem.


However, you would have to send them a direct message of your phone number, a word of advice, do not post your personal details on public spaces, especially on social media, inbox or direct message the recipient.

The facebook support team is just as impressive, I noticed most issues were dealt with and closed off, they do also promise a call.

I don’t have enough evidence to endorse their call-you-back promises, I would have to hear from your experiences if they really do follow through because, at the moment, I have been promised a call from 3 different agents for the same EcoCash issue, please call me guys!

The Econet team also offers a live support chat from their website, this feature is also responsive as you get to chat with a support agent real-time to explain your problem.

Their efforts to reach more clients is commendable, as their traditional support call number 111 is often congested.

EcoCash issues are usually handled through dialling 114 and following the instructions, but this number has also become congested and could leave you holding for an agent for over an hour.

So, we found a new way to contact Econet about EcoCash issues.

Through their Banking arm Steward Bank, you can access their EcoCash department, who are equally answerable to your issue.

Dial 08088888, then dial 2, from there you will be in direct communication with the EcoCash team from Steward Bank.

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