Here’s POTRAZ’s clarification on the false “communications blackout in Zimbabwe” message

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POTRAZ, Telecoms in Zimbabwe

POTRAZ Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator has dismissed a false message that had claimed that the country would experience a nationwide communications blackout.

The message, which has been circulating on social media was purportedly from POTRAZ.

In response, the regulator has issued this statement to clarify things.

We have noted with concern that there has been an abusive social media message purporting to be coming from POTRAZ on telecommunications services blackouts.

We would like to inform all stakeholders that this message is not coming from POTRAZ.

We advise stakeholders and consumers not to circulate this false message as it causes unnecessary inconvenience to users of telecommunications services in Zimbabwe.


  1. Thando Nkala

    Social media was established to share progressive information about issues pertaining to the country and world at large, but these unruly elements who are abusing this media are not only
    counter progress but are very stupid and dull. This is done by people who do not work but spend their time witting this rubbish. This is done by people who have nothing to do in life, but are just lazy to do anything to just sit and all they think about is causing apprehension to har working Zimbabweans. STOP THAT NONSENSE NOW.

    1. Zim Drake

      A lot of people do not work in Zimbabwe, and there is a reason to that. The moment we start to work our economy again people will become busy for the so called “social media abuse”!

  2. Future Madzimbahwe

    Thando Nkala, progressive perhaps mean different things to different pple.To someone buying a pen is progressive whilst to someone progressive is buying a buggatti and to a soldier in war progressive may mean how much ammunition have hit the target. So progressive to you may mean otherwise to someone.

  3. The Black Technocrat

    Please school me on the “abusive” part, whats the proper way of using social media?

  4. JFz

    Zimbabwean are now just dull. Zuva rese paApp.

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