Here’s Zimbabwe’s draft Computer crime and Cybercrime Bill

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Legislation in Zimbabwe, whether in its preliminary form or as the passed law hardly gets everyone’s attention, but in the past few days, there has been a lot of focus on the draft Computer crime and Cybercrime Bill.

Though it hasn’t been passed as law yet, it has drawn a lot of criticism because of its focus on areas like social media abuse – something that has been thrust in people’s faces as a crime they could be committing just by tweeting “the wrong thing” or sharing an incriminating message.

For those citizens who want to understand this piece of legislation and hopefully contribute to its development, or anyone interested in what it actually says on cyber terrorists, phone seizure, extradition and you can download a pdf copy of this bill by following the link below.

Zimbabwe’s draft Computer crime and Cybercrime Bill (pdf)


  1. Billbo Zimgins

    This bill is going to turn openly critical citizens into criminals and diasporans accustomed to free speech into exiles (for real real!).

    1. Primmy

      Nothing on Cyber stalking???

      1. Primmy


  2. Muzukuru

    The most calculated and determined assault on our liberties, which are guaranteed by the constitution Zvobgo.
    This bill is filled errors of not just grammer, but of logic as well. It makes owning an internet connection a very grave crime and it never withstand scrunity something its creators are well aware of. In typical Zimbabwean fashio they are not looking to the future but using their ban everything mentality they are just playing for time. By the time the issue gets to the Supreme court people will have been detained on a wholesale scale for years.

  3. tinm@n

    Of all things, TechZim, this is important…

    There have been many conferences which you have been involved in or facilitated.

    This one is most crucial for all Zimbabweans. Lawyers, businesses, ordinary people and all industries that make use of or provide computer-related services.

    If you can, please do arrange a conference through your established networks.

  4. Tindo


    I could not help myself but find it amusing that there is a definition of a “thing”

    Also it is an offence to receive computer data that one is not authorized to receive, I am just wondering what kind of data?

  5. Miraramitatu


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