NetOne’s OneFusion & Dollar a Day survive promo suspension, offer some relief to subscribers

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It seems like everywhere Zimbabwean mobile telecoms subscribers are looking airtime promotions and bonuses are being terminated suspended.

NetOne is the last of the three mobile network operators to announce a suspension of some of its promos, and as expected people have already started questioning the move and worrying about the loss of services that have made communication more affordable.

The good news,though, for NetOne subscribers at least, is that OneFusion and Dollar a Day, The two star services from NetOne haven’t been suspended.

According to information from a source at NetOne, Dollar a Day which was started as a promo in 2013, was approved as a standard telecoms product and is no longer a promotion.

The same applies for OneFusion, the comprehensive services suite (it bunches together WhatsApp, Facebook bundles, plus voice, SMS and data) that NetOne launched two months ago as its flagship product. It isn’t classified as a promotion which means that it doesn’t have to be renewed after a set period.

POTRAZ is yet to give the reasons behind the suspension of these promotions and explain how a promotion is cleared for classification as a product.

In the meantime, subscribers can at least rest assured that the insanely popular WhatsApp and Facebook bundles, just like NetOne’s products aren’t promos that will be suspended.



  1. G

    so government is banning promotions for non government owned MNO as result creating unfair advantage for them.

  2. xxx

    Government, through POTRAz collects 4% of revenue from these MNOs. These promotions were killing revenue streams. Remember we are in a cash crisis mode and as government tiri kutsvaga tsvaga kwese kwese even if it means affecting the masses.

  3. Samala

    Just last week Supa Chibuku was saying they as government were looking at ways of making Netone viable profitable business. There you have it. Kill the competition. Unfair to Econet and Telecel.

  4. Panezvikuitika

    Ok, before someone launched their OneFUSING one, they were given a heads up about the promo banning wave..thats my crazy guess

  5. uvofo

    These promotions are turning Zimbabweans into Whatsapp junkies. What we need is more internet and not more Whatsapp.

  6. txt

    Pakaipa, Who is the boss

    Potraz -> Player , coach & ref

  7. Agape

    Isutoda internet kitokundwa nana Zamabia, Tanzania hahaha kune competition kani 50cents data hauipedzi pazuva chirudziiiii yenyu internet yakoshei

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