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Want to access Kwese Sports on ZBC? – These are the 5 things you need to know about this local content deal

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You can catch the Olympics on ZBC, courtesy of Kwesé Free Sports – image credit –

Kwesé TV the internet TV service owned by Econet Media is now live – Well, sort of, actually it’s just part of it that is live.

This past week, a new channel under the Kwesé TV banner called Kwesé Free Sports was launched in Kenya, followed by the announcement of a content deal between Econet Media and local broadcaster ZBC which makes some of Kwesé Free Sports content available on ZBC TV.

There have been some questions raised about this and we’ve listed 5 things you need to know about this deal

  1. No subscription and no decoder/set top box required…for now

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    For all Zimbabwean viewers,  this is free content. All you need is your TV set with the standard access to our first, favourite and permanent local choice channel. There is no need to buy a set-top box as is the case in Kenya. The East African country has wrapped up digital migration and its citizens are now accessing all TV including free channels like Kwesé Free Sports through decoders. We don’t need to worry about that arrangement, so there’s no need to buy a Wiztech or Philibao decoder to catch Kwesé content…for now.

  2. You don’t need a satellite dish either

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    You’ve never had to buy a satellite dish to access ZBC TV, the same goes for this Kwesé content. Your TV is all you need.

  3. You only get English Premier League football and the Rio Olympics 2016

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    ZBC and Econet Media have, for now, agreed to broadcast limited content via the Kwesé Free Sports channel. The content agreed on is the English Premier League football and some coverage of the 2016 Olympics. Everything else that has been slated for Kwesé TV broadcast like the NBA or the stuff from TD Jakes isn’t part of this arrangement.

  4. It’s only one English Premier League football game every week

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    image credit – Manchester United Facebook Page

    The EPL rights that Kwesé has rights to is one live game every weekend plus some highlights reels. The ZBC/Econet deal is for the single live game every Saturday. If your time has a fixture on any other day ZBC can’t help you, unfortunately. You might want to hold on to that DStv decoder or hit the local bar to catch it.

  5. More content deals between Econet and ZBC are in the pipeline

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    Steph Curry and Lebron James image credit – Fox Sports

    The deal for football and the Olympics won’t be the last. According to the statement released regarding this partnership the two are looking forward to more partnerships in the near future, something that could point to the introduction of other Kwesé content. For viewers who aren’t sports fans, hopefully, this might turn out to include the other viewing material Kwesé TV secured.

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  1. More rubbish picture quality brought to you by Zanu BC and Econet thieves. You get to watch football between propaganda briefs.

  2. I cant stand to watch zbc wih that poor pic quality & zanu propaganda its better to visit a nearest Bar.

  3. Well done to kwese and zbc,at least one thing to look forward to for those who cant afford to pay for their dstv subscriptions.

  4. All the infomation was useful to me but the only thing which disgust me is the quality pic of ZBC TV it’s beyond world’s standard,they must work on it”

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