POTRAZ was handing out free money yesterday, literally.

Batsirai Chikadaya Avatar

Yesterday was a day of many surprises, for the first time in Zimbabwe, we witnessed free money being dished out. We’ve attended events with free food and drinks, and even a carry away gift bag, but money? Never.

POTRAZ launched its ICT innovation fund for start-ups at the Rainbow Towers yesterday, and to our surprise $10 was being given to anyone who registered. Not only start-ups but attendants were being given $10, all you had to do was write your name down/register.

Possibly an oversight on the part of the organizing committee, or, part of their strategy to lure in a crowd,  all we know is that it was possible to pocket $10 at this event, and they had a “stack” of 10s.

Perhaps it was hard to tell who-is-who, but anyone could simply walk in, register as an attendant or start-up, and pocket $10. We do know the money was intended for “lunch” and possibly as a token of appreciation to those who pitched their products but left empty handed.

We will be posting a more detailed review of what we saw at yesterday’s event soon.


  1. Zack

    Inga nyika yedu yabudirira. Ngazvi rambe zvakadai. Mwari ngaakudzwe!

  2. ti

    kkkkk kuitira next muuye makawanda

  3. Red

    True story

  4. Macd Chip

    Its not the money they were handing out which matters, it what they DIDN’T hand out which matters.
    This was a perfect well executed plan to loot money out with nothing traceable. Imagine this, POTRAZ officials withdrawing $100 000 to hand over at the event, they give $10 to everyone who came, and l bet the number was less than 100, thus they would have handed out $10 000 give or take.

    What happens to the remaining $90 000?? Do you think they returned everything to bank accounts?

    1. internet troll

      macd chip….. please don’t spread your negativity you one of the many people who think if you change the president you’ll wake up taller happier richer more intelligent ………news flash if you were not actively productive in any way when the old gov was there nothing will change when the new gov is there kudos potraz

      1. Macd Chip

        Where did l mention about changing the the president? But never the less, thank you! It takes a stupid person to identify another stupid person.

        At the end of day there is nothing to kudos to give potraz about. Its our money they are overcharging Econet and other telcos who pass the charges over to users via expensive call cost.

        Potraz is collecting millions of dollars every month which it is not accountable ever since it started that USF. Is there a trace history of what it did with that money? Now they have found another way of scamming people via more tax funds which the public doesnt have any visibility into.

        This is not Potraz money they are giving, its our money! Its like they are forcibly taking $100 from your pocket and then give you back 5 cents, what is there to thank them for?

  5. LMMMTNyati

    Potraz as a regulator how and when did it raise its revenue rather than being a parasite on Econet as a major contributor to the USF which is only accountable to itself Potraz and being a piggy bank for the ever globe trotting executive on useless jaunts because they are on the throne and dream of infrastructure sharing with no equitable format and formula. Now it’s the funds being used to buy technically insolvent Telecel to satisfy their (Gvt) egos and insatiable greed as they did to SMM empire, now (John) bonds will be slummed down our throats and back to 2008 useless trillions, time will tell!!!!

  6. KG

    Sch a wonderfl idea by PORTRAZ. So any things in or country which badly need money but NOOOOOO let’s “give” money to people for no productive purpose whatsoever. Well done!

  7. Minister of Nothing

    Something smells desperately fishy about this move – or is it fishly desperate? Because ka – I pay you to register to be a future client! Ya!

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