Everyone (iOS, Android & Windows Mobile) will have WhatsApp video calling in its next official update!

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WhatsApp video calling will now be available to all its users and all platforms in its next official app update. Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS users can expect to have the feature available which will allow video calling across all OS platforms.


Previously the video calling feature was only available in beta (testing) versions of its Android and Windows Mobile applications which kind of limited its uptake as not all WhatsApp users were tech savvy enough to install an app from an apk file.

Now, in your next official WhatsApp update, you will be able to try out video calling regardless of the device you have or the device your calling, as long as you have both updated your WhatsApp.


Although WhatsApp is pretty late to the video calling scene it still has a large user base with over 1billion users worldwide. It is able to leverage its user base to launch successful roll outs even though other applications like WeChat, Viber, FaceTime, and Skype have been offering video calling for years.

When the update finally makes its way to our respective app stores sometime this week we’ll be sure to test it out and share our experience, especially when it comes to cross-platform video calling


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  1. TT says:

    How much data will a whatsapp video call consume on average,per minute and how is it better than existing apps like skype etc.?

  2. Basil says:

    Not too chuffed about the development. Been struggling with the regular Whatsapp calling feature. What more with the video call?

  3. wisey says:

    i use a windows phone, i called ma lil sis who z on android platform ova a 3G connection n e video quality wz terrible. there wz toomch lagging n t kept on saying poor network connection (dats econet wc they claim z e best)

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