What happened to the peaceful demonstration to Econet HQ?

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Econet Head quarters

Two weeks ago, Ms. Sihle Maxine Mabuda sued Econet Zimbabwe for $50k (USD) on allegations that the mobile network operator had misrepresented its daily data bundles. 

She argued that Econet was misleading the public by calling the “daily” bundles insinuating that their life span was a day (24 hrs) when in fact they were capped at 30mb. 

Apart from the lawsuit, which captured the whole nation, Ms. Mabuda was  granted approval to stage a peaceful demonstration to Econet’s HQ in Msasa on Friday, 25 November 2016 from 10:00am to 15:30pm. 

The demonstration was set to be the first of its kind, a historic event in both Zimbabwe consumer rights activism and in the telecommunications sector, but unfortunately, it did not happen!

Why? According to Ms. Mabuda’s lawyers, the demonstration has since been postponed due to lack of public support. Ms. Mabuda had expected to be joined by the public (other disgruntled Econet subscribers) in protest but that did not happen as planned.

We hope to secure an interview with Ms. Mabuda soon to hear her side of the story and have since requested contact through her lawyers.

Maybe a break in silence could help drum up the support she needs, explaining her position and motivating factors for not only suing Econet but suing Telecel back in 2013 could bring some much-needed clarity to an issue that has been plagued by speculation. It’s difficult for the public to support something they don’t have the necessary information on or understanding.

Furthermore, we have not received a comment from our regulator, POTRAZ, who had initially confirmed they would respond to the issue after our countless attempts. When the regulator fails to comment on such an issue it may actually be more serious than we first took it as, she may have a case!

Would you come out and demonstrate with her if it was rescheduled?










  1. John

    Legally Potraz cannot comment at the moment since the case is already before the courts. You will not get anything on that. So after drummingb up support for her against Econet, whats in for you Batsi and LSK?

    1. Mula Mula

      Lol.. a share of the 50K

    2. Casy

      Techzim seems u got bif with econet have been following your stories. Asi muri kudawo kubhadharwa kuti musawanyore or muri kudawo pa 50k apo kkkkk zvino yawe half half

  2. Natsy

    Techzim seriously i think its high time you try and find better stories. your hatred for Econet is so evident in almost every article you write. hazviitise mari izvozvo. The lady akashaya support cause chatinoziwa is if u not happy unoenda kwaunona sekuri greener kwete kuita sue every network provider u deal with. atoriwo munyika yake ega mukadzi uyo

  3. Gedjge

    She is litigious for no reason. …. Ngaangoende kuNetone kana kuMTN kana asvotwa

  4. Macd Chip

    Lack of interest from public means less number!

    Less numbers means you cannot go around Western Embassies asking for money to continue ”demostrating”

    She is or was not doing this for protecting her human rights, she was angling for something. Kunonzi kuteta hunde moyo uri kumakoto!! Western Embassies are now wise or broke to support every demo which props up in Zim.

  5. tiki

    To answer you directly, I know what she is saying and would not join her as if I bought 300g of food with expiry date of 15 December, and ate it all today, I cannot go back to the supermarket and foolishly say the food must have lasted till 15 December and threaten to sue. Surely by applying to demonstrate she was representing herself and should have proceeded with that on her own? Why would she expect anyone else to join her?

  6. Mutirowafanza

    ……..According to Ms. Mabuda’s lawyers, the demonstration has since been postponed due to lack of public support………Truly this lady has disappointed me indeed. Myself also being an angry econet customer but in Chiredzi hundreds of kilometers away from Hre, I had hoped that she was going to represent my concern (and many others) even if she was to walk all alone but now that she is seeking for numbers i am beginning to doubt her genuineness in representing our genuine cause. “Why did you decide to lose this golden opportunity given by the authorities to demonstrate on my behalf??” I feel she has some hidden selfish agenda …..kushandisana chaiko.

  7. DataMustFall

    So many negative comments here, for your own info, this is how #DataMustFall begins.

  8. Allaz

    March in numbers for one person to get paid? If she had included others in the suit maybe there would be more interest – but as it was, seems to me they would just be marching to make her rich. Vanhu feel like vakatoshandiswa already by Evan Mawarire – they not about to go for a second round!

  9. Gary

    Econet Speedtest with Ookla indoors @Redcliff today 30/11/16 Time. 10.25am. HSPA. DL 6.46 UP.1.36 Ping 61ms