[UPDATE] Leaked Images: “Brick” of Bond Notes, trolley full of coins and the RBZ poster

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Yesterday we received images of the RBZ public notice showcasing the bond notes, we have now received more images of the bond notes in what looks to be a secure safe for the bond notes, a “brick” of bond notes and a trolley of bond coins, see below:img_9188 img_9190 img_9191 img_9192

[Old Article] We just received yet to be confirmed images of the Bond Notes printed out on what looks like an official RBZ template to inform the public of the security features the notes will carry.

The template shows a green $2 bond note and a pink $5 bond note with both having the image of the balancing rocks (the usual) printed on them.

The $2 note carries the eternal flame which is found at the National Heroes Acre first lit in 1982 to symbolize the spirit of Zimbabwean Independence. The note also seems to have the parliament building in its background.

The $5 bond note seems to be a bit more subtle with just a few grazing animals printed on the note. The template also has an image of a $1 bond coin, which is silver with a gold trimming right round.whatsapp-image-2016-11-26-at-18-53

Rumours have been doing rounds that the bond notes were set to be released to the public on this Monday, however, we believe the RBZ still has to do more public awareness with its next step releasing such templates to inform the public of its security features.

We will try to source better images for you!

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  1. Sipho

    Cant wait to pay my rates and tolls with these. Give unto the government what belongs to it.
    ZRP even you wont be exempt if you try fine me.

  2. Chabvonga

    We welcum the bond notes but difficult times lie ahead

  3. Mlweli

    How much did the RBZ put into circulation, suppose one stack of the $2 is $10000, from the POSB picture above i can count 110 stacks, adding to $1,100,000. Now if one branch can have $1.1mill, surely there is more than $100mill in circulation..

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