Same woman suing Econet once sued Telecel back in 2013! Yes, for $50k as well!

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Telecel Zimbabwe Headquarters Harare

In a surprising twist of events, it has been brought to our attention that the same woman who is currently suing Econet for alleged misrepresentation of its social media bundles through false advertising once sued Telecel for $50,000 back in 2013.

According to a Herald report back in 2013, Ms. Mabuda sued Telecel for the alleged wrongful intrusion of privacy based on the mobile network operators automatic service which track the availability of another person regardless of what network they are on.

The service in question was one that allowed subscribers to receive an automatic message the moment someone they had previously called became available.

The subscriber would access the service by dialing *141#phone number# and when the desired number would pop back into the network Telecel would notify you through an SMS.

Ms. Mabuda claimed that she was a victim of the service as she would receive phone calls from people she did not intend to communicate with due to personal reasons. Her lawyers at the time were Ziumbe and Partners, who claimed their client suffered undue harassment and annoyance.

Interesting that this lady has a penchant for suing mobile operators in Zimbabwe for $50k at a time. This, however, does not take away from her current case against Econet, as she may be more prepared than last time out,

We are still gathering information on this interesting case and will communicate as it comes.



  1. inini

    kkkkkk ndovaipedza pocket money ye term yese in one week. saka toti vabereki vainyepa here kuti ndeye term yese simply because waita makaro ukapedza mari yese term isati yapera

  2. Macd Chip

    This is what is going to kill a good case, if she lost the Telecel case( hopefully she didnt), then chances of winning this are zero!

    She have spoiled for everyone. I bet Econet is smilling knowing that if they win this, that will put to rest all future legal challengies.

    Her greedness is now going to affect genuine users who have very valid reasons to sue Econet and win.

    1. eliphas

      Dude, that’s not how the courts work. Each case is decided on its facts and merits

  3. G

    did she win telecel case

  4. Pokaz

    I doubt if she won the case coz that service is still available on telecel and it’s convenient.

  5. Pokaz

    I doubt if she won the telecel case coz the service is still available and it’s convenient

  6. Daily Data

    Are these daily data bundles in question said to last for a day or they are valid for a day?

  7. Victor

    I dont think we (whoever we are) need discredit her current.. or past litigation. You start of with one service provider they disappoint and you wont go without a fight. Then you migrate to another they toss you around like the previous so you try fight the system again. The woman should be praised for her spirit unlike the apathetic customers who “adjust” and dance to the tune.

    Personally i am mad at Econet (and their customer service agents).
    1. Recently i got re-registered onto Ecosure which i had unsubscribed from some 1+ years back. It deducted several subscriptions from my Ecocash account.

    2. This same week suddenly someone is told they cant receive calls because their line is not registered and they must visit an Econet agent with their ID. Now imagine this, the person forgot their ID in Mt Darwin and they are here on business for the next week or so. They basically cant communicate on their mobile killing potentially thousands of dollars worth of business. This is despite having registered their line anyway.. during that campaign to register or die some time back. WOW! And the customer service says your situation cant be helped.

    3. I am almost sure (i could be wrong) but i have noticed my balance depleting after a call to their 111 helpdesk. Again this could be an error and i am not willing to try again because getting through to 111 is a nightmare.

    Customer used to be king. Now the commodity broker is and they have so much demand they can afford to toss people around. Have you checked the tellers at banks lately… deplorable service. But i digress.

    Congrats are in order to that woman…. both times. Netone whatch out.

    1. Victor

      oh and i almost forgot. This i can actually quote after inquiring about how you can use Whatsapp since you cant buy bundles on a contract line, i was told i cannot. after pursuing the matter i was told to visit Econet Premium website (some link given) and to check there on what i need to do. Seriously? I come to your desk and you dont talk to me and point me to a brochure.

      Off course you know where that Econet line is getting slotted now. You got it right – Mbudzi. and yes i have moved to OneFusion for now.

  8. supoort?

    you go girl!!!

  9. Tarwei

    We have a problem in Zimbabwe – we think we do not have rights to complain for lousy service or misrepresentation.
    I applaud her for standing up for herself. The same people who complain in the streets and combis that ” Econet wwhat what ” are the same people attacking someone standing for themselves.
    Just let her case get a chance before the courts, i don’t think that would be a problem.

  10. tiki

    Yesterday I bought 2L drink valid till June 2017. Downed it all yesterday. Over the weekend I have to buy some more.

    1. Quadro

      Thats a stupid comment dates on drinks are expiry date not availabilty dates.ECONET is wrong that is misleading the customer it follows a “bait and switch” strategy but they miss it because they call them daily bundles not day bundles how come when you buy a monthly bundle it hs expiry date so this one should expire after 24 hrs not when the data exceeds a certain limit .You go and I wish a good Jugde will preside over this case and bring the whole bundle issue into scrutiny and stop this nonsense

  11. wisey

    if for wateva reason u a unhappy w econet, do like me ie buy a ndorindori/mbudzi from e boys for only $3, go to netone n buy a new line for 50c, put t n ur smartfone, buy one fusion bundles. problem solved, working for me.

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