DSTV Zimbabwe introduces direct online payment for VISA/Mastercard

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DSTV Zimbabwe has introduced a new online self-service system that allows customers to pay their subscriptions, change their bouquet packages, clear error codes, view their account, get support and search for authorised installers directly from its own platform.

The online payment option allows you to pay using your VISA or Mastercard Online directly to DSTV through a Pay U service

PayU is the mobile payment division of NASPERS, who own MultiChoice, SuperSport, DStv, MNet and ShowMax among other well-known media brands.

This move by DSTV may be their work around to getting their money out of Zimbabwe, the VISA/Mastercard payments will be transferred out of Zimbabwe no longer needing to be settled locally then remitted to South Africa.

The online payment method may not be the best news for all the banks and mobile money services that had formed partnerships with DSTV Zimbabwe, this move looks like DSTV may be aiming to become its own independent payment option (Pay U and DSTV same owner), especially with fears mounting over the bond note and lack of foreign currency.


  1. John Forte

    I hope they got RBZ approval otherwise they will be deemed as externalising. The gateway for VISA/MasterCard payments if a loophole they have only alerted the RBZ to close. Thanks guys!

  2. dstv

    i dont see much uptake to the use of Visa/MasterCard given the charges by ours banks and how many of the people who own Dstv have a MasterCard/visa. how many will be willing to go the trouble of getting a MasterCard/visa to pay when mobile payment are already there. i have a MasterCard but dont see myself using it to pay for Dstv.

    1. William Chui

      Unless, as hinted in the article, they go the route of closing all other options

      1. Sipho

        Do you have any clue on the transaction charges Techzim?

  3. JOhn


  4. Paul

    Who cares. DSTV is shit. Time to move on. Hope you are listening DSTV Zimbabwe. Maybe you will report back to DSTV SA.

    You only interested in our cash and not providing good viewing unless you have money for premium channels or your video on demand service. How about treating us properly for once!!!!

  5. Chips

    So after reading this post, I registered as a consumer on PayU website. They do not have an option to pay for DSTV there. Did DSTV officially confirm the fact that PayU was an option for the subscribers to use?

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