EcoCash suspends DSTV payment option

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As of 1 January 2017, you will no longer be able to pay your DSTV subscription via EcoCash.

According to a public notice posted in today’s Herald, the reason behind this suspension is EcoCash’s failure to sustain the service in the current operating environment in Zimbabwe.

With this information, Techzim can assume that EcoCash is failing to remit DSTV’s money to South Africa, something they may have promised to do when they initially went into partnership and since the RBZ does not view DSTV as a forex priority because it is under “entertainment” EcoCash may have struggled to find forex to forward to DSTV in South Africa.

It wasn’t too long ago, 13 December to be exact, that Techzim wrote about DSTV Zimbabwe introducing its own direct online payment option through VISA/Mastercard in which Techzim speculated that the move could be a measure DSTV is putting in place to get their money paid directly out of Zimbabwe without the need for it to be settled locally first.

Techzim also speculated that this new feature was not the best news for local banks or mobile money services as DSTV may be aiming to become its own independent payment option and EcoCash looks like the first m-money service to pull out before the current economic/regulatory situation spoils their brand.


  1. dstvsaneedzin

    well dstv can’t even iv it tried actually download in cz zim is one of the few countries that pay direct hard currency so of dstv sa tries something silly then they lose a client paying 70+ USD for one paying in rands which aren’t stable enough to make business sense.

    1. William Chui

      In English?

  2. Collins Mungate

    I pad dstv thru ecocash 3 days ago $28 but CNN and other channels are not show Ing. Pliz help

    1. William Chui

      Yes, this only kicks in in January 2017.

      For assistance with your DSTV account and lack f channels please get in touch with DSTV’s customer support contact centre directly, where I’m sure they’ll assist

  3. Pombi

    This is simply because DSTVP payments are remitted to Mauritius where DSTVP directly as they seem to have no local bank account. So RBZ doesn’t give that a priority. Wonder why DSTV doesn’t have local bank account

    1. William Chui

      But who remits to Mauritius? Ecocash or Multichioce Zimbabwe? If anything local, Zimbabwean accounts are under the jurisdiction of Multichoice Zimbabwe, hence payments made locally should be to Multichoice Zimbabwe and not to Mauritius.

  4. Peterson Tengende

    Why would it be EcoCash’s business to remit DSTV money to South Africa?

  5. Anonymous

    This is likely a decision Multichoice made, not DSTV


      Hi, this was solely a decision that Econet made to suspend this particular payment option – nothing to do with MultiChoice Zimbabwe.


      Hi, this was solely a decision that Econet made to suspend this particular payment option – nothing to do with MultiChoice Zimbabwe.

  6. babanoku



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  7. Achihera

    Is Econet not trying to make life more inconvenient so that when they bring Kwese in, it becomes a more viable option to Zimbabweans

    1. opolopo

      nothing to do with Kwese but we all know RBZ, its funny how most people think Kwese is just gonna come and overtake DSTV..keep on dreaming!!!!

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