Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system crashes – applicants in panic mode as deadline approaches (update)

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Update – The eMAP system which was inaccessible on Sunday afternoon has been up and down with access to some of the site’s pages. However, it appears to be still presenting challenges with completing the registration process. We will keep you updated on  any changes to the situation as this is a developing story.

If you are one of the thousands of applicants that have been trying to secure a place for Form 1 using the Ministry of Education’s online system you’ve probably noticed that the system went offline for an extended period.

While some users managed to submit applications successfully over the past day there are several others who have tried to access the system on Sunday (according to some comments on social media and on our site) have been met with either a 403 Error or the Connection Timed Out banner.

Quick checks on website monitoring services like isitdownrightnow have also confirmed that the site isn’t accessible.

Though there hasn’t been any explanation from the Ministry of Education on what has happened to the system it’s likely crashed because of a flood of requests.

We reached out to some representatives from the Ministry and are yet to receive feedback on this situation

All applicants trying to secure places for boarding school in Zimbabwe were instructed by the Ministry of Education to use the eMAP system between the 10th and the 12th of December 2016.

This has obviously created a lot of traffic to the site, especially now as parents and guardians only have a day to submit their applications.

What happens next?

With the system inaccessible right now and the time earmarked to submit applications running out, the Ministry of Education will have to accommodate concerns that have been raised about the challenges with such a system.

This might mean extending the application window or allowing offline/old school application methods such as parents going to the respective schools in person.

All this can only happen however if parents and guardians raise the issue with the Ministry of Education as soon as possible (which would be on Monday 12 December in the morning), otherwise there will be more confusion and frustration.

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  1. Boss Chokwadi

    Dzungu too much

  2. H.H

    we are still not able to send the application as the system is not responding. the ministry should not give such a short time having in mind that the 10 and 11th are weekend and most cafes will not be open.

  3. Mthembo

    the online site is pathetic,we are failing to register.Telone is hosting the site but the site is behaving as if it is being hosted in Asia.Authorities tell us what is going on???

  4. ras isreal gadaga

    Yet another monumental disaster looming!as usual courtesy of our arrogant Minister of Educations Unilateral Declaration of Policy!In his wisdom,or lack of it,what really is the logic of announcing the new and confusing registrations commencement on a Saturday and closing on a Sunday?Bear in mind initially the date had been set for the 19th.

  5. munhu

    b p dzedu dzatokwira vadokora .karikare tingadai takatopedza zvenzvimbo tapane imwe stage.zvino imi munoratidza masimbaenyu pasiripo muchitadza kurambidza maschools kutidyira mari nemuniforms avarikutibhadharisa mari yakawanda kudaro .udzai ma heads enyu kuti tinogona kunotenga tega

  6. Gill

    Frustrated, stuck as I continue to get …wro g credentials message. .hw do I proceed?

  7. Gill

    Need mo more time

  8. mubereki caro

    Zvirikuramba have been trying since yesterday page raka freezer hii vadokora give us options extend tim3 or old system

  9. Tryphine

    Vadokora toita sei ,failed totally

  10. Muguti

    Please spare us this confusion. We have a lot to do. The system is just not working. Do something Dokora this is an important matter.

  11. doccoh

    the system is just good. and user friendly. we are free of all the hustles of running up and down

    1. Ed

      Why are you saying that? The system is not user friendly I’ve been trying to register for 2 hours.

  12. doccoh

    pliz where is your problem.

    1. Martin

      @Doccoh i think you are one of the developers , the site is completely unusable

  13. Dougie

    Dokora must do something together with other cabinet ministers, this is segregation and abuse of children’s constitutional rights. What will happens to pupils in rural remote areas who also want to surpass in life

  14. Mubereki 9 months

    this is simply unacceptable education yevana is not for the privileged few. Musatamba bhora neupenyu hwevana.
    why change the system musati mave ne something chinoshanda. I actually think kuti this is a planned disaster so that imi min of education muwane kubhadharisa vabereki ma enrolment fees amakarambidza zvikoro . chiiko ichi
    muri vanhu vakadzidza so act saizvozvo . Education is not a priviledge musaondonga upenyu hwevana nema failed experiments akadai

    kana musingagoni basa ipai vanorida uye vanorigona


    Aggrieved parents from all over Zim

    imi ve Tch Zim muri kutumira here these emails to Min of Education
    or tiri kupedza nguva pano

  15. 5troy

    this is really pathetic you cant even complete the form as the system tells you your time has run out and yet you are loaded with bundles . they should have done trials before putting it in place.

  16. angry parent

    pissed for days, what a waste of our time

  17. Dad

    This has caused too much frustration and embarassment on us as parents. The minister should not take us for granted………..too many changes at a time have eventually caused no change at all. What type.?

  18. sandie

    pheeewww after a long day of refreshing the site i finally logged in. Kindly keep refreshing tatoswerera chinhu chaDofora ichi mnxiii. I applied on sat mrn and status is pending till now.

    1. maiTAKU

      pending nanhasi amanaka

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