Schools reportedly abandoning Ministry of Education’s eMAP online system, resorting to traditional enrolment

The Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system eMAP has been accepting applications for Form 1 boarding schools but the challenges faced by the system are reported to have pushed some schools back to tradition offline enrolment methods.

According to information provided by some parents over the past day, there are some Mission schools that have abandoned the eMAP enrolment system and have been discreetly engaging parents and guardians that are approaching them to secure places for their children.

These reports have also been fueled by a letter shared online, allegedly from Sandringham High School a Methodist School in Norton, which is inviting applicants to the school for enrolment exercise on the 15th of December.


So far the details surrounding this have been difficult to corroborate. Our efforts to get responses from some of the schools mentioned as well as the dioceses haven’t been successful.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education has continued to encourage parents to use the online system saying that it will be the only avenue for applying for a Form 1 boarding school place.

With a limited amount of time left before schools open in January 2017, parents are likely to put pressure on the Ministry of Education to wrap up the online enrolment process or give a green light to traditional enrolment methods.

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6 thoughts on “Schools reportedly abandoning Ministry of Education’s eMAP online system, resorting to traditional enrolment

  1. …and some schools like St. Micheal’s, are now taking advantage of the situation.. They are demanding $600 deposit as hard cash…yes hard cash!!! So pathetic

  2. The minister invited a self D-DoS by bringing online a system which is not fit for purpose. You cannot command technology the Zanu Pf way, you build the required infrastructure, test it for a long time factoring everything before you invite open public access.

    Where as the system is a good start, the mentality and execution of it bears signs of disorganised ministry

  3. Suddenly this morning I checked my application status only to find that my school choices have been re-arranged.Only people from IT can do this.Has corruption started already?

  4. l feel let down by the system my status is showin pending on all schools,no sms alert,no email from all three schools.Today is Tuesday 20 December l went to a day school at 4 am and joined a winding queue and parents were turned away by head at 9am saying they hv no places for form one they enrolled on Friday 2 December before ministry directive to enroll on the 20th, all local day schools are saying they are full. This system is a nightmare and may someone tell the minister that he has failed us completely

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