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Mobile Operators also want your ADSL, Fiber and WiMax pricing to go up

According to leaked minutes of a Telecommunications Operators Association of Zimbabwe meeting held in October 2016, Econet, Telecel and NetOne all met to discuss the issue of floor pricing for both data and voice as per their invitation by POTRAZ to make submissions on the issue.

By the end of the meeting, all mobile operators had agreed on one thing, data would be priced at $0.05/Mb which would put 1GB of mobile data at over $50.

Of interest, however, is our mobile operator’s final suggestion on the issue of floor pricing which reads:

Members also agreed that any floor price adopted must also apply to other operators including ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

Techzim is yet to find out whether POTRAZ took this request into consideration and if it will set the same floor pricing of $0.02/MB on ISPs and will update once communication is made.



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10 thoughts on “Mobile Operators also want your ADSL, Fiber and WiMax pricing to go up

    1. were not saying this is what will happen (or is happening) but it is what they suggested at the end of the day and that suggestion holds its own weight

  1. Hi. Please note that it make things confusing when u say $0.05cents. The dollar sign and the decimal already make it 5 cents. Adding cents at the end makes it look like 0.05 cents

  2. Im a bit confused. Is Powertel and Africom not in same bracket as econet, telecel and Netone. All 5 of them use sim cards to deliver their internet but only three are being mentioned

  3. A case of Air Zimbabwe asking kombi and bus operators to charge the same fare as themselves from Harare to Bulawayo.

  4. seems like the ultimate goal is to have internet only being accessed by the rich..slowly going back to stone-age erra all in the name of technological development..

  5. I use powetel and africom if they increase on these two I will probably do what I had done with DSTV subscription since DSVT Zimbabwe is expensive subscribe and pay for DSTV South Africa so in the end I will resort to VSAT internate from South Africa or Kenya which will be way cheaper Im just saying that they are more options when its comes to internate….

    1. Shhh! What’s wrong with you. Urikufugura hapwa. People will start to get smarter and do this then Zanu PF will get wind of it and start to look carefully at people’s satellite dishes.

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