Here’s the 2017 Monetary Policy Statement from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe’s Monetary Policy Statement for 2017 has been presented by the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Dr John Mangudya.

It highlights the steps that the RBZ is taking to regulate monetary policy and activity in the country including measures to deal with the cash crisis in Zimbabwe as well as the foreign currency shortage. It also has some interesting statistics on monetary activity.

You can download a copy of it (in pdf format) by clicking on the link below

2017 Monetary Policy – Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (pdf)


  1. Greedy

    The Bond Printing Policy as presented by Witch Doctor Mangudya and the ghost of Giden Gn ,no zeroes remember. Takuda kusvika pastage ya2003 manje paflash back yedu.

  2. farkootoo

    yep we are again f@cked by these bastards!

  3. Local is Lekker

    Dstv and card payments amounted to $201m only second after fuel imports…I see DStv being banned locally in the not so distant future…

  4. Anonymous

    Sad news … ari wigs guru nguva dzose kuhwina !

  5. fghhjkkk

    wen wanna creat ur owen money cz i can see now is so long tym u using foregner s money we need zim dollas

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