Your WhatsApp has changed? Here’s how to use that new Status feature

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WhatsApp’s new Status feature which was announced earlier this week has finally started showing up on a lot of people’s phones.

The feature, which has been automatically rolled out to all users has changed the way WhatsApp looks.

If you missed the news and are wondering what the fuss is all about the new WhatsApp Status feature essentially allows users to share photos, videos emojis and GIFs on their WhatsApp status instead of just the ordinary text. It works just like the Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories feature.

It works just like the Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories feature, with content (that is, the Statuses) disappearing after 24 hours

The new changes on the WhatsApp layout are designed to make it easier to not only create and upload these new statuses but to check out your contacts’ statuses.

How to post a new WhatsApp Status

  1. Go to the Status tab
  2. Tap on that broken circle tagged as My status (that’s the one with the + symbol). This will open the camera.
  3. To take a photo as a new status just tap; to record a video you hold/long press (videos can only be a maximum of 45 seconds)
  4. You can also select a video, pic or GIF in your gallery. The items to select from appear in the ribbon on the screen
  5. You can add a caption, text, emojis and tinker with the item you’ve selected for your Status
  6. You then select send (that blue icon) and all of your contacts will then be able to view your Status by tapping Status
  7. You can adjust the privacy settings for the Status you post. For Android users tap on the options tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen next to the search icon left of the screen, select Status Privacy and pick whether it’s going to be viewed by all your contacts, a select few or all of them except the people you don’t want to see your stuff.

Important things to remember

  • For iOS users, the far left tab has now changed from “Favourites” to “Status”. The centre icon is now “Camera” instead of “Contacts”
  • All new statuses are appearing on people’s phones as recent updates, something that’s clearly designed to keep people stuff which helps the content stay fresh.
  • If you see a blue circle around contacts images that are set below your Status it means they have new Statuses that you can check out as well.
  • To delete your Status, tap the Status tab followed by My Status at the top of the screen. This will display your Status with an eye icon at the bottom of the screen showing the number of people who viewed it. When you tap on it there’s the option to bin the status or forward it to contacts.
  • If you are all about getting lots of views on your Status, the best thing is to change your Status or essentially post new content as much as possible. Videos and GIFs are also a lot more engaging than simple pics!


  1. mugu

    for those who don’t care for this bloat,anybody know how to DISABLE this ‘feature’ without rolling back to an older version…?

    1. ?

      But where is the favourite?

    2. Brian

      Well unless you have a rooted phone (assuming you’re an android user) there’s no way to disable it. I also wish I could

  2. brtanaka23

    whatsapp has ruined it with this new feature

    1. Anonymous

      I totally agree. Want the old status back. Also hate that contacts who use WhatsApp disappeared. Hate that only photos and not text be added as status. New whatsapp suck

  3. Dino

    Good move. However be careful, “what you do online could haunt you”.

  4. anon

    whatsapp has ruined the status feature with this new new thing

    1. Anonymous

      I agree with you… it’s all wack

  5. Anon

    there are times when u need to put a DND status for days or weeks.. This feature doesn’t help in such cases.. Thumbs down for the new stories feature..

    1. Anonymous

      Agree new status photos status and no text suck. Thumbs down for new status and cannot see which contacts use WhatsApp

  6. asichii

    Great. Now I will have everyone’s business shoved in my face without me looking for it. Thanks whatsapp- you have just added unnecessary strain to my otherwise calm and social media-free life.

  7. GoingBackwardAmI?

    What happened to WhatsApp being a simple Instant messaging App? Is this how it is evolving? to a bloated, user faking lifestyles like those Facebook days before it became a “News” site?


    I am still struggling to use this new feature on my windows 4n…its a bit complicated.

  9. Karmen Pillay

    Help. How do i find my contacts list. This new version is the worst thing to happen to mankind since Donald Trump ?

    1. Anonymous

      I cannot see my contact list from whatsapp! If I now want to send a message to my contact and want to search the contact, I cannot! Horrible!

      1. m having same f… problem!!!

    2. Stephen

      Like seriously.. Lack of finding this contacts is seriously bringing me down. Dammit

    3. Anonymous

      U r right

    4. Ian

      Where are my contacts now so frustrating

      1. Anonymous

        New whatsapp suck. Nooooo bring back old version with text status and. Contacts

    5. shaa

      Very very boring update
      I feel like fun is just fucked up
      please give us the old nice app

      1. Anonymous

        Totally agree

    6. Anonymous

      Its borring shame i realy hate this new status,pliz bring back our favourite tab

  10. Priscilla Chism

    I don’t like it. Please give us an option to change back the old way. I don’t like the status section because my pic show and i don’t like that. I wish i could go back call, chat, and contact are showing

  11. marieta

    The new whatsapp is not a nice app go back to how it was please!

    1. Anonymous

      Yes go back please

  12. Muse

    Everytime I tap the Status thingy the camera pops up. Does it mean I no longer have the option to post only text?
    I like text!!!

    1. Anonymous

      I swear this stupid new option has reduced me using watsapp altogether…

  13. Pinky

    My iphone 4 won’t let me access my pics in my camera roll. I can only take pics and post. Can you tell me how I resolve this matter.

  14. Ade Ajibade

    Looking forward to having a good time on the latest whatsapp

  15. istayak ahmed

    My status is not showing to me. I change my status but I ask to my friends they told my old status only.

    1. reenieh

      i think we have the same problem. someone help

  16. Alex79

    This is not a FB and nobody is interested in the picture something status !!!
    _are you serious whatsapp ??!! _good job – you are awesome Whatsapp !!!

    I cannot see my contact list
    I want my normal – text status back

    #disaster #useless #childish #disappointment #idiocy

    1. Benita

      Yeah i hate this

      1. Anonymous

        Agree hate it. Bring back old version

  17. semoisi

    Its horrible

  18. Julie

    This is vile…PLEASE let us have it back to the way it was, don’t asume people want it.. It seems like I am not the only who disproves – very disappointed !

  19. Monique

    How are you supposed to find your whatsapp contacts?? Isn’t the whole point of the app to communicate with people? If I can’t find my contacts how am I supposed to do that? I don’t need a status feature. I never paid attention to ppl’s statuses anyway. If I can’t roll this back I might as well delete the app. It’s useless now.

    1. Anonymous

      Totally agree. Whatsapp has just ruined it for users. This is not fb

  20. Nemesis

    Fuck you Zuckerberg, you massive CUNT!

  21. John Smithson

    Hi Guys,
    If you really hate the new update of whatsapp, then try removing them…
    i hope this link would help you in this matter..

  22. Sowmya

    M not able to see who viewed my status.. ?

    1. Anonymous

      I hate this new update of whatsapp. I am not able to see the contact or see their text status. Please change it to the old version of whatsapp

  23. C

    I’d prefer to see my contact list than the bloody status app…?

    1. Anonymous

      Totally agree. Whatsapp ruined app for users.

  24. rue

    geez what will b the purpose of snap chat n intsa …pliz go back to the old format

  25. Domi


  26. Thobeka

    no no its not on this new thing is boring and frustrating, I like to write on my status

  27. Myrna Nichols

    I want my favourites back please. Thank you.

  28. Mahi

    Useless now

    Its make useless app now .now one like it .me and my frn are gng to deleat it because of new updatr

  29. GINGER


  30. Anonymous

    OMG I can’t see those who view my status.. I need help??

  31. No text status?! Why???

    I am also unhappy, at first people told me did you see how stupid whatsapp status and contacts have become, then later I realised as soon as it happened to me. I like text status!!! I put something special on or a long term theme, now all of that is gone with this picture change? I prefer old whatsapp

  32. shiva

    Its really frustrating. We want our old version back

  33. Tamara Virgil

    This new update is horrible. I prefer the old version. This version is very puzzling, ans it sucks. I hope they find away to fix this mess soon.

  34. Barry

    This new “Feature” is terrible. I cannot see my Contacts! I have already started looking elsewhere, and Telegram Messenger is looking good. I have already informed my friends about it. I think this is the beginning of the end for Whatsapp.



  36. Claud

    Bring back the contacts tab!
    Contacts tab is more wanted than the status tab…. status was fine at settings in the previous version.
    Can’t whatsapp layout writers see how users hate having the tab removed?????
    Reinstate the contacts tab or give us the option to revert to previous version!

    1. Asad

      Yes. Bring back the contacts tab

      1. Anonymous

        Agree. Whatsapp go back to old version

  37. Asad

    Whatsapp ruined

  38. Anonymous

    ah this new whatsapp update is not nice koraa

  39. Sanjana

    I don’t like this version..i want old version of whatsapp..pls tell me how to change it

  40. Anonymous

    How to find the contact list now!??? ?

  41. Skuul Sem

    This is pure crap. At least users should be made to choose between the old status and this junk. Posting favorite quotes is now gone. Who says I’m ready to post pictures? I could do it on several other platforms if I wanted to. Somebody show me how to get my old status back. ????????

  42. Carl

    This is the worst update ever. Kindly return favorites and contacts back. This is not Facebook Zuckerberg. I don’t do Facebook. Leave WhatsApp alone.

    1. Anonymous

      Agree. Whatsapp is NOT FB

  43. Geetanjali

    Did not like this new feature of status update at all???. The status goes away in 24 hrs. Not good.. even after updating our status we are unable to see status of friends as it used to be in old version. Lik if we went to contacts we used to see all status at a go. But its not happening here. Its ridiculously stupid idea whoever has made it!!! Whatsapp, please dont make it compulsory for people to follow your ideas.. it was user friendly so please let it be..

  44. T Burzelman

    i dont know half the people that is coming up on my status and would like the new thing on whatapp to be changed to the old one.

  45. Miché

    This new version sucks …plz vring back the old 1

  46. Anonymous

    I don’t like these new version, its complicated

  47. Nuhu Ismail

    Frankly speaking I’m not satisfied with the new update of what’s up status.

  48. Anonymous

    I can’t get it please try to make I more understandable

  49. bertha

    I can’t get it can someone explain it to me

  50. DJ-TEE

    bring back the old n simple whatsapp pls, dis new whatsapp sucks big tym

  51. S Armoogan

    Whatsapp is ruined…hate this new feature. Can’t write my status anymore!!! Horrible …please take this off.

  52. Rigard

    Who the hell thought removing the contacts tab would be a good idea in the first place? Nearly everyone commenting here is pissed off about it. I REALLY hope they bring back the contact list with the new update, and SOON.

  53. Brian

    And every time i go into contacts when I am done I have to scroll all the way from the top. if you press back it returns to top and not to last contact searched

  54. majstor

    gbwaap download
    and oll you problem its finish

  55. geetha

    please give us a old version

  56. geetha

    or tell us, how to view other’s / contacts status

  57. marry

    Can any unknown number , which is not saved in my contact ,see my status ? Kindly give me answer

  58. rach

    If u wanted to use snapchat or insta i would f-ing download and use them. Whatsapp is a joke now hate the new update ? how do i get the old one back

  59. Ola

    This is a shit

  60. Alonso

    The most useless app ever.. No contacts to show, no status to show. This new whatsapp is completely hell

  61. Carol

    I really hate dis new version no longer enjoying whatsappa u have ruined it

    1. Anonymous


  62. Benita

    This new whatsapp status has ruind everything wish i coukd disable it

  63. Lucky peter

    i am not seeing who view my whatsapp status!

  64. Anonymous

    We want our contacts tab back please

  65. jjj

    You have ruined Watsapp mark.go back to Facebook we don’t need this update.we loved the older versions.hope mark reads this comments, go back to Facebook.

  66. uki loko

    Remove Whatsapp status feature in you android phone
    1.Uninstall latest whatsapp.
    2.Download Whatsapp 2.17.60 APK
    3.Install the downloaded APK

  67. Kapumu

    The old watsapp was really great,I’m completely not using watsaap the way I used too,pls reverse everything,I like writing status everyday

  68. Dee

    New version really sucks,its so boring. Till you bring back the old version its a bye WhatsApp from me,family and friends.

  69. Anonymous

    If I see my contact’s status more than once, will the time stamp of ‘viewed by’ appear several times??

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