Zimbabwean Hip Hop star ExQ secures caller tunes deal with MTN South Africa

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

Zimbabwean Hip Hop star ExQ recently signed a content deal with South African mobile network operator MTN which will share a handful of his hit songs as caller ring tones.

MTN subscribers can choose one of 4 hit songs from ExQ as a caller tune by texting a short code for the particular song. Caller tunes services are a common channel used by artists to increase the reach of their music and generate revenue through sales made of each track selection.

Locally the service is also available and all three networks (Econet, NetOne and Telecel) operate similar digital music platforms.

In an interview with Zimtainment, ExQ explained that OMG Studios, his management team based in South Africa, wanted to provide new ways to get his music to his fans in the country. It worked with Military Touch Movement, the Zimbabwean label ExQ is signed to get his content on the MTN digital music platform.

ExQ’s deal is significant in that it extends his music to a wider regional audience building on the success he is enjoying with the video for his latest hit “Bhachura” featuring Ammara Brown which has been played on TraceTV Africa, another regional platform.

With technology laying waste to traditional content distribution channels for content creators like recording artists, alternative ways for expanding reach and securing some return on production have become vital. Mobile platforms help achieve this, especially when they are tied to the exploration of new markets.

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