5 reasons why you should participate in the Google Digital Skills Training program

I’m pretty sure one way or the other, you’ve heard about the digital skills training that Google has been conducting throughout Africa. Over the last two days, there has been talk on how the initiative has finally reached Zimbabwe. In light of this, I thought it important for me to just give you simple reasons (that you might have just overlooked) on why you should actually participate.

1. It’s free

Well, I know that might sound silly but free doesn’t really mean much to Zimbos when it comes to tech related workshops (my observation at least and please feel free to prove me wrong). Unless of course there is free food and/or refreshments. Nonetheless, I personally feel like free things should really be taken advantage of. I guarantee you that the next time you want to learn this very content Google is offering, it will not be for free! Or maybe you-yourself will teach the content you acquired for free someday at a cost – it’s called business.

2. No qualification prerequisite

Maybe some of you are familiar with the hassle of applying for a vacancy and the struggle of trying to make your qualifications sound like a cut above the rest. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know exactly why I put this as a reason to attend. Google, (as we know it) is offering digital skill courses and you do not need any qualifications to partake! Therefore, there is no restriction, any ambitious entrepreneur can benefit from this, regardless of educational background (which is not always a fitting criteria to use for most of us, but story for another day!).

3. Lessons applicable to any line of business

The general perception is that only tech related businesses should participate, but that’s entirely misleading. Google acknowledges that the world is fast digitising, therefore, to remain relevant in any field, there is need for businesses and individuals to learn these skills and keep up. Luke Mckend, the Google SA country director testifies on how local businesses have been helped since the offered tools and technologies are basic enablers that can be applied to literally any line of business. In fact, this is an opportunity for individuals to leverage the internet in order to give their businesses an online presence which is much more robust than the traditional way of doing business.

4. Person to person training

In as much as the content being learnt is being made available online (for now that is) g.co/digitalskills ,if there is a chance to actually meet face to face with the teacher, why not? Maybe I am still backward for being biased towards learning in the old fashioned classroom way, but I would take that over online any day only if it’s an available alternative. However, this point is mostly relevant to those who actually need the digital skills first to then know how to access online material. So this might not be relevant to you directly, but I’m pretty sure you know someone who suits this criteria perfectly and would really appreciate you telling him/her about it.


5. Certificate of attendance

Who doesn’t want those? Considering how much of a tech giant Google is, a mere certificate of attendance will go a long way in authenticating your career/ cause.


Image credit: digitalskills.withgoogle.com



  1. Anonymous


    Where can we register and were is the training?The link in your last article was broken.Acomment on this was made but its still broken.

    1. Trust Nhokovedzo

      For the training program in Zimbabwe, you can register at http://afrodigital.org.

  2. Mohamed Yusuf Ghani

    I tried to register for this program and I received a message of regret, it seems there is a lot of nepotism going on in the background

    1. Trust Nhokovedzo

      Hi Mohamed, I am the Lead Trainer in Zimbabwe. If you reply to that regret, i can explain to you why you were not included.

  3. Jay

    Where, or how can one access these Training Programs?

    1. Trust Nhokovedzo

      For the training program in Zimbabwe, you can register at http://afrodigital.org.

      1. Jay

        Thank you.

      2. Tatenda

        Hi Trust, we need a section of our staff to be trained. How do we proceed?

        1. Trust Nhokovedzo

          Hi, Tatenda. You can invite the training using this link. Note that this training is running from now until June 2017. http://afrodigital.org/invite-google-digital-skills-program/

          1. Tatenda


      3. Batsirai Chikadaya

        registered last week, no response to date?

  4. Batsirai Chikadaya

    Please add the registration link in the article

  5. manchester united trøje

    I am actually pleased to glance at this web site posts which includes lots of valuable data, thanks for providing such information.|

  6. Justine

    I can’t seem to find any dates and were these will be held..anyone to help?

    1. Trust Nhokovedzo

      It’s being held every Thursday 5-7pm at Moto Republik in Harare. For full calendar signup for training at http://afrodigital.org. There will be periodic updates on the new training venues and time.

      1. malvin

        hie mr trust ndepapi ipapo and is this still going on now like 2mro are ther?

  7. Zwide
    1. Trust Nhokovedzo

      It’s fine to use that link if you have the data and consistent connection. If you need to interact with the trainer, the face to face training will be the best.

  8. Hamony

    I am currently residing in south africa. I would like to know how can I also be part of this programme?

    1. Trust Nhokovedzo

      There is a company running these trainings over there. You can check this link http://livemag.co.za/digify/

  9. maclean sami

    Hello Trust i havent received my certificate upto now.

  10. Tafadzwa Manomano

    I like this program Trust. I know it will change my life.

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