WhatsApp status is back! Here is how to use it.

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With the frustration of many of you from the new temporary form of the WhatsApp status, your cries have been heard. We give you the old status.


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  1. G.man says:

    My windows phone doesnt show tht option,but still judging from your screenshot things will never b the same we just want our old time status feature

  2. Faiz says:

    On my Windows phone it’s there, but then again I’m on beta version, menu – settings – profile – about

  3. Faiz says:

    On a side note beta version on Windows updates daily, around 90mb so you would rather wait until it’s available on the Store version

  4. Edmund says:

    It’s lovely that the Whatsapp status is back. Techzim you need to do an article called ‘Branding lessons from the Whatsapp status saga’

    You don’t just change things, people are comfortable with the familiar.

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