Behind the Scenes: ZOL used a live cheetah in a Ferrari for the #FibroniksFast advert

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It’s a real cheetah in a real Ferrari!

ZOL Behind the Scenes FibroniksFast from Liquid Telecom Group on Vimeo.

Yes, that ZOL cheetah in the Ferrari is not stock photography. A behind the scenes video posted by Liquid Telecom online shows how a live Cheetah was used by ZOL in the advert for the #FibroniksFast campaign that the company launched about a month ago.

It’s quite remarkable how much effort the company invested in the campaign. Even though I personally don’t understand the concept of a cheetah in a Ferrari, or one that would roll along the savannah in roller skates, it’s still pretty amazing they brought a live cheetah into a studio and had it in the driver’s seat!


  1. blaz va widzo

    A cheetah is fast …….a Ferrari is fast…….. what happens wen you combine the two….somewer along those lines you get the idea which seems illogical

    1. SoTypMe

      You beat me to it. My wife laughed silly when she heard the radio ad.

    2. Tinashe

      A cheetah can’t drive, so the ferrari is probably not gonna move at all, even if it could drive, hypothetically the cheetah can only go as fast as the ferrari drives, it’s not a sum of the cheetah and the ferrari, but rather just the speed of the ferrari only.

      Cool though to have a live cheetah and a real ferrari in an ad.

  2. jamest

    so this is for a locally based company, but was filmed outside of Zim? why?? surely there is enough local talent to have done something like this

    1. Rgm

      I had the same exact thought, importing ads….?

  3. Siege

    So this is why they are billing us those ridiculous amounts? So a cheetah and a ferrari can do their marketing? Well, that cheetah best be prepared to be paid in goat on the next billing cycle!!!!

    1. sdjstjsdtmst

      Chekenyenya!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahha

  4. G1Les

    I know why it wasn’t done in Zimbabwe- because Mugabe’s henchmen poached all the Cheetahs and there isn’t enough fuel to run a Ferrari…

  5. vhat

    Seems like the Black dudes are just good for escorting the dangerous animal and lifting heavy objects. Probably this video wasn’t made for the local masses.

  6. ZOLonZol

    ZOL is on zol if they think their internet is that fast. A better analogy is a tortoise carrying a data package…

  7. Weyout

    Actually it was done in Zimbabwe

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