Zim government opens for tech startup applications to $25 million fund (POTRAZ ICT Innovation Drive)

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The Zimbabwean government, which set up a $25 million fund for local technology startups, announced yesterday that it’s now accepting applications to the fund.

The Zim telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, which is managing the fund, sent out a statement calling for applications:

Are you an ICT Innovator, start-up or entrepreneur with a brilliant innovation or solution. Potraz has introduced an exciting Innovation Drive and at identifying, funding and capacitating unique ICT innovations and innovators

If you are an ICT innovator, send your descriptive business proposal, together with your financial projections and budget for consideration to: innovationdrive@potraz.gov.zw for consideration by 30 May 2017.

The ICT Innovation Drive is designed to promote ICT entrepreneurship as a desirable career path.

We haven’t yet received information on what constitutes a tech startup in the class of “unique ICT innovations” and at what stage the startup needs to be? Idea stage, with some traction, scaling beyond Zimbabwe etc…?

We also don’t have information yet on whether this is open to Zimbabweans anywhere, or Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe, or anyone (regardless of nationality) running a tech startup in Zimbabwe.

We’re sure the criteria and terms & conditions are there somewhere so we’ll work to have it up here as soon as possible.

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Here’s a poster of the fund:




  1. Fake Kasukuwere

    Naturally you need the backing of a big chef. Remember the $5 000 loans we all applied and never heard back only to hear certain youths, from certain families having their applications approved. Less than a decade later can anyone tell me of a business that was approved that’s doing well. Just one case study.

  2. Macd Chip

    Welcome to elections time. Potraz is an outfit of Zanu and is now playing its part. This is a waste of public money, yes our money we are being taxed to sponsor ministers’s children luxury life.

    Its unfortunate that the majority of youth will not have access to this fund, otherwise l would ask every youth to get the money and still follow your heart when voting. Its a shame that Potraz is talking tech, trying to impress the youth, but it doesnt have anything to show for it.

    It is still plundering the USF money and there is nothing on the ground to show for it.

    If Mandiwanzira is thinking that we will thank him for this, then we are not going to. Its not his money, its not goverment money either. Its our money Chinamasa is squizing from us everyday.

  3. fiend

    More like, give me idea, I will reject your application, share the idea with my people, then grant them funds.

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      It could be, but remember, you stand to lose nothing. Ideas are cheap and not as unique as people make them out to be. For every “unique” idea out there, at least a thousand people have probably thought about it, but only a handful have acted on it. Be part of that handful.

  4. Batsirai Chikadaya

    The deadline is way way too close, 30 May ?

  5. Charles Muzonzini

    “We also don’t have information yes on whether this is open to Zimbabweans anywhere, or Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe, or anyone (regardless of nationality) running a tech startup in Zimbabwe.”

    Why are they not providing these basic details? Some of us may end up wasting time when we aren’t even eligible.

    1. Dadza D

      This fund is for ZANU-PF youthiez. If you are a youthie, regardless of where you are, you will have access to the fund. Remember, Cde, we are using this fund to buy votes as Nikuving will not be easy this time around

  6. me

    I will try to pitch my proposal and hope that i can get funding, its so complex they cant even steal it and only I can see it through. Even i dont have the big picture but i know the end game …i guess its worth a try

    1. Anonymous

      “it’s so complex they can’t even steal it” lmao

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