Another HIT student presenting a test rig for an automated driving test rig meant for the VID

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  1. Samir Ahmed says:

    Why not show us a video of the prototype working? I like the idea it sounds brilliant

  2. Nyamaz says:

    The idea is brilliant but the system we operating on will not buy into that because that is where they feed. High probability is that the person who is supposed to approve this idea is also benefiting from corruption, eventually her project will fail.

    1. Techie says:

      But what can we do as tech community or a concerned citizen so that her project sails through. That we where we fail most zimbos. If we all agree its a brilliant idea, then lets back it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is t kti phone yangu ikuPlayer iri paFast forward oro sis vane speed pakutaura

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