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The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) otherwise known as the voice of business is holding it’s annual congress in Victoria Falls from today up to Friday. Techzim is a proud sponsor and partner because we understand that forums like these are important to the development of a thriving economy. This is why we host events like the Broadband Economy Conference, to get local business leaders in one room to deliberate on what opportunities exist right here and right now before we become futuristic as the tendency is at some events.

We are live streaming the ZNCC congress right here on Techzim. Business and business conferences in particular is a bore to a lot of people including business people themselves. However, this must not be so- business affects all of us and we must calculate a culture of participation in whatever business dialogue that is close to us. Here is why:

The voice of business is listened to by government

The congress guest of honour is Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Other participants are the Minister of  Finance, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, the RBZ Govenor  the Speaker of Parliament and other cabinet ministers. This shows you how much influence business actually has. Whoever the government listens to, you better listen to too.

For now, this is the only reason I will give you particularly because the theme of the conference particularly speaks of policy. Policy does not just affect the businesses themselves but it has a bearing on you and I. So to watch the live stream follow this link or go to the Techzim Facebook Page.


  1. Fusion

    Even if you listen to it and you don’t like it nothing will change you just accept it and read about it in the next newspaper. Policy is based on party politics…. So how does it affect us… They decide we follow… Don’t waste time with this rhetoric….

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      I don’t know whether they listen or not but I do know they speak and when they do it affects my every day life. Wise move is for me to listen in and then prepare for whatever is coming

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