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Today, Facebook launched their developer community called developer circles. The community aims to attract regular people who are either already established coders or who are interested in code. It will mainly be a place for learning new and old Facebook technologies.

So how will it all work, Facebook developer circles aren’t just about writing code and learning how to do things. Proud¬†Dzambukira who was the first speaker at the launch introduced how it should be approached as. The main idea was about thinking like a founder and not just a developer. Most developers look at how to solve a particular problem but founders look at what they need to solve and use, and why they are using it also why things are happening.

From what I experienced, it is going to be an environment for any type of person who is interested in using technology to solve real world problems and build  business. The community will offer a place for people to learn different tools together and build together. Learning resources will be offered from Udacity Рthe online learning platform Рas Facebook developer circles have a partnership with them.

Given how Facebook has recently changed their mission statement and how they have reached 2 billion monthly active users. This is more about improving that community and less about making money for them. So you’re assured that there’ll be no extra fees as resources are provided.

Now to the burning question on our minds, how do we become a part of it? Well simply head over to their Facebook and search for “Developer Cirlce Harare“. Since the group is a closed one, you won’t be added immediately but within 10 hours or so, you should be added to the community.

Personally, I am keen to see how this community will grow and what they will do. An interesting thing that I saw was that the majority of the audience were not all developers. So if you’re not a developer, don’t be afraid to join as it is a welcoming environment.

Hope to see some girls and women participating in such tech communities as they were not many today. More details will be coming in the following days.


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