High school kid shares his experience of attending robotics challenge despite coming from tough environment

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image credit: VOA interview of Gabriel Matemba

Gabriel Matemba is a 16-year-old high school child from Mbare. He learned at Harare High School. At the school which has a robotics club, he was spotted as someone talented in building things and became a part of the robotics team that is representing Zimbabwe at the First Global Robotics Challenge. In an interview with Voice of Africa, he shares his experience and his plans of coming back to help his mother back home.

He also shares another project that he has been working on which produces Electricity from waste. The project idea came from observing his surroundings where he noticed that waste can accumulate very quickly in homes but only be collected by the City Council after a week or more. This resulted in people just emptying their bins in ditches and the waste would ferment but not be used.

Below is full interview in Shona with more details. 

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  1. TheKing

    I hope this kid goes far in life

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