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Kwese OFFICIALLY here and did not need a licence after all


It’s official. Kwese is now in Zimbabwe. The wait is over. Econet Media, the company behind Kwese partnered with a company which already had a licence. That company is Dr Dish. The talks have been ongoing for a while according to the executive chairman of Dr Dish, Mr Nyasha Muzavazi.

Kwese and Dr Dish finalised the deal in October 2016. The deal is for Dr Dish, which was duly licenced by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) back in 2012, to distribute content from Kwese. The licence that Dr Dish has is valid until September 2022 and we will see then if it will be renewed. By then Kwese could have their own licence or not, whatever the case we will have Kwese officially in Zimbabwe for at least 5 years.

Well, if the deal was struck in 2016 why are we only getting Kwese now? The rollout of Kwese in Africa was in stages and Zimbabwe’s turn had not yet come. Mr Muzavazi also says the companies were building the infrastructure and training the installation teams among other preparations. There also was the small issue of making sure licence fees were up to date. That was done this week and the companies are finally ready to launch.


BAZ was notified as soon as the deal was struck back in 2016. They were given full details of the channels that were going to be offered. If Mr Muzavazi is to be believed, the delay in launch was only due to aforementioned reasons and not because of frustrating delaying tactics by BAZ. You decide if you believe that.

Dr Dish have had other content distribution deals before. Remember My TV Africa? That content was distributed by Dr Dish until My TV Africa lost it’s content rights for the Zimbabwe territory. So this is not their first rodeo.

So there you have it. It is official now, no need for workarounds. Econet seems to have found a legal loophole and Kwese will be provided through a third party which I’m sure will become part of the Econet group at some point. Dr Dish made the announcement and so if you have any questions you should direct them there and we will reach out to them as well to give you full details of where you can buy the service. If you are interested in the service please fill in this form and we will try to help you jump the queue.

So we can say, welcome Kwese…



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