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TelOne Wi-Fi could soon allow you to use your home Wi-Fi data at any TelOne hotspot


TelOne might be bringing a Wi-Fi sharing service soon. It will enable you to use your data balance that is already in your TelOne Wi-Fi account which is at home at any TelOne Wi-Fi hotspot around Zimbabwe. To sign up for the service, you first have to login to their self-service platform, locate the registration section of TelOne Wi-Fi sharing and enter your mobile number.

After entering your mobile number, you will receive a one time password and then you will use that to get a username and password. The username and password that you will receive is the one that you will use at any TelOne Wi-Fi hotspot to login. Once you’ve logged in using the details, you will be able to start browsing if your home Wi-Fi still has data.

Now if you noticed, at the start, I said “TelOne might be bringing a Wi-Fi sharing service soon”. The reason is because the information did not come from any direct communication with TelOne. Instead it was sort of a leak. It’s rare that any news is leaked locally but when it does happen I light up like a light bulb.


In this case, it was not a person who leaked the information but their self-service platform. I wanted to check the balance on our home TelOne Wi-Fi when instead of getting greeted with the information I wanted, I saw errors. The errors aren’t anything new from the platform as they occur time to time. However, the details about the TelOne Wi-Fi sharing caught my eyes.

It’s weird that it’s called Wi-Fi sharing when technically it’s just the owner using it at the Wi-Fi hotspots. Anyways who knows maybe they’ll allow you to add more than one number that way you can truly share your Wi-Fi.

The concept of Wi-Fi sharing is not new as we have seen Zol implement it on their Wi-Fi hotspots and Zol Wi-Fi accounts. At least this might be coming to TelOne users now. Personally, I think it is something that any home internet service provider needs to implement if they have Wi-Fi hotspots around the city or country.

I say that because you have no idea how many times I’ve been near a TelOne Wi-Fi hotspot and wanted to connect but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to spend money on their Wi-Fi hotspot bundle when I knew I’d be leaving in a few minutes. I’m sure other people have been in such a similar situation.

Someone might say well just get Zol but unfortunately it’s not available where I live. For you Zol people out there, do you use Fibroniks on the go which provides this Wi-Fi sharing. If you do, we’d be interested to know how your experience has been. For those of you who don’t use Zol, would like such a service to be available from your Internet service provider?

If I hadn’t seen it myself and verified that someone else had seen it, we probably would be talking about this. Below is what the screen I mentioned earlier looked like. Probably something in the behind the scenes of the website glitched and accidently showed the upcoming facility.

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