Kwesé TV continues selling inspite of BAZ appeal

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Kwesé TV

Kwesé TV recently became available to Zimbabweans after many hurdles. First, the licence they were using was owned by Dr Dish as the two had partnered to bring the service, however, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) suspended the licence within 1 day of Kwesé TV initially launching.

Once the licence was suspended, the matter was then taken to the High Court where through an urgent application, Dr Dish argued that Kwesé TV would incur a lot of losses due to the suspension of the licence. The High Court then ruled in favor of Dr Dish and therefore allowed Kwesé TV to be distributed until the matter was fully resolved.

Now, BAZ has filed a notice to the Supreme court to contest that High Court ruling. According to a lawyer, the act of BAZ filing that notice at the Supreme Court suspends any rulings that were previously made by the High Court. Legally, this means that Kwesé TV has no permission from the High Court to operate.

Due to those legal boundaries, Dr Dish approached the High Court again with an urgent chamber appeal for leave to execute the High Court judgment. This means that Dr Dish is basically asking for permission again from the High Court to continue operating while the BAZ appeal is being resolved at the Supreme Court.

Techzim went to an Econet Shop at First Street in Harare to try and purchase Kwesé TV and it seems that it is indeed still being sold inspite of the BAZ appeal unlike the last time when they stopped operations due to the suspension of the licence.



    Kwese we need u

  2. charlie

    Who is BAZ fighting for you. Not the people definitely. There has been a vacuum in this sector which needs to be filled as soon as yesterday we can’t continue to prop us mediocre entities for political or monetary gain. Shame on you BAZ for trying to continue with such a battle it does not look good for you guys let it go. Your digitalization project , the state broadcaster and Dstv should prove the worth against Kwese.

    1. Mazhinye D

      Good day, I do hope you are not as happy as i do. BAZ should desist from tarnishing Zimbabwean priciples,Why did they accept the money for the licence in the first place, there are some individuals who wants kickbacks from Kwese TV. Why did they allow Multi-choice to operate freely without hassles. Where is the concept of indignation if a Zimbabwean want to invest in his country of birth.We don’t want to hire the Spirit of Africa,which is characterized by fighting over simple issues.Allow job creation,crime rate will also dwindle.Learn love your country.

  3. trey

    does kwese show all epl matches?

  4. Anonymous

    Kwese rocks to hell with dstv


    kwese ooyee our on TV

  6. Zola

    I think BAZ is trying to help Multi choice just like banning of bonuses on econet lines bt netone still offers

    oooom something fishy

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